Backup integrity and fastest restores for database and messaging applications

What it is

Application-aware SnapAgents from FalconStor Software can optionally be used with StorGuard to provide complete data protection for active databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2, and messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

These agents ensure that mission-critical servers are quiesced – a process whereby any RAM resident data is flushed to disk prior to the disk snapshot being taken.

As a result, snapshots are taken with full transactional integrity. Transactional integrity means that the database can be brought online without going through any lengthy database recovery processes or file system checks, saving hours of valuable recovery time in the event of a disaster.

What you get

100% transactional integrity

Complete data and transactional integrity is attained through a robust and automated process that safely and reliably takes snapshots of databases for point-in-time granularity and disaster recovery (DR). The agents work seamlessly with the FalconStor Replication option and FalconStor TimeMark® technology to allow instant recovery to any point in time without requiring scripting. SnapAgents also utilize a group snapshot feature to ensure transactional integrity of databases across multiple storage volumes.