FalconStor® StorGuard enables storage virtualization and optimizes efficiency across heterogeneous storage and networks, providing centralized management, and continuous, active-active availability of primary data for business continuity.

If you are struggling to provide storage capacity for growing data volumes and increasing numbers of servers and this challenge is further complicated by the proliferation of storage resources from multiple vendors, request a demo of StorGuard today to learn how you can lower costs, meet data growth needs, and integrate SANs across locations.

Storage Virtualization

FalconStor StorGuard was designed as a massively scalable, highly available storage virtualization solution that works with the disk arrays you are using today. StorGuard eliminates data silos and vendor lock-in, providing fast and easy data provisioning, mirroring, migration, snapshots, and replication. With integrated support for Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and FCoE protocols, FalconStor StorGuard provides the benefits of storage virtualization.

Meet Data Growth Needs

As data volumes grow along with application-generated data, corresponding storage volumes must grow as well. FalconStor StorGuard gives customers freedom to meet current and future data volume provisioning needs. Support for LUNs as large as 64TB makes enterprise-class deployments possible and practical.

Move Data Without Downtime

One of the biggest recurring storage challenges is moving data to new disk arrays as old models become obsolete or reach the end of their lease cycle. Often, costly professional services are required to migrate between devices, particularly if they are devices from different vendors. FalconStor StorGuard simplifies this process with a simple point-and-click procedure through the use of synchronous data mirroring between disk arrays. There is no application downtime during this process.

Protect Virtual and Physical Servers

Virtualization technology from providers such as VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and Citrix is commonplace among businesses to consolidate servers, maximize space utilization, and streamline management. However, the storage used by virtual servers requires the same level of protection and storage provisioning as physical servers. FalconStor StorGuard provides the same comprehensive capabilities to disk arrays used by physical and virtual servers alike.

Ensure Business Continuity

Increase disk capacity utilization to reduce costs through thin provisioning technology, FalconStor StorGuard optimizes capacity utilization, using less physical storage than what is represented by the virtual disks. The result is maximized disk utilization efficiency and reduced storage costs.

Enable application-consistent snapshots for the most popular business applications. Up to 1,000 snapshots are available per protection volume, for the most flexible and comprehensive up-to-the-moment recovery points.

Deliver WAN-optimized replication with MicroScan™ Technology. FalconStor StorGuard enables efficient and robust replication between sites, leveraging storage from any vendor at any office location. Built-in WAN-optimized replication with compression provides improved bandwidth efficiency and cost reduction, and encryption (at rest or in-flight) enables optimal data security.

Automate disaster recovery for fast, simple recovery with RecoverTrac™. FalconStor’s unique tool, RecoverTrac™ automates complex and error-prone manual disaster recovery operations, allowing all associated applications and services to be brought back online s quickly as possible. In addition, RecoverTrac technology facilitates nonintrusive disaster recovery testing, allowing organizations to identify potential recovery issues before actual disasters occur.

Deploy in high-availability IO-optimized clusters for flexible HA functionality, SAN acceleration, and flash-optimized performance capable of providing over one million IOPS with very low latency.

Storage Virtualization and Business Continuity

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