Slash the Size and Cost of Storing Backups

Deduplication reduces the size of backups by up to 95%.

Slash the Size and Cost of Storing Backups

Customer Need

Storing the weekly full backups of the mission-critical application servers generates an overwhelming amount of backup data that is costly to transport and store over time. Fortunately, backup data is highly redundant from week to week. What is needed is a backup-to-disk target that can be used by any backup software that deduplicates the backup data to reduce its size and cost.

StorSafe Solution

  • With over nine patents granted, FalconStor leads the way in deduplication technology
  • Our algorithms identify more duplicate blocks than our competitors
  • StorSafe delivers unsurpassed backup and restore throughput
  • Discovers and eliminates redundant backup data by up to 95%

Customer Outcome

Deduplication reduces the size and cost of storing backups by up to 95%.

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