StorSafe™ – Modernize your existing backup operations to run 6x faster, reduce storage requirements by up to 95%, and migrate to cloud object storage for offsite protection instead of tapes over time.


Enterprises need a way to increase the performance of their existing backup and archive operations to meet the challenge of unstoppable data growth and limited budgets. Operations must run faster, so more data can be protected each day, and deduplication must be used to aggressively reduce the size of backup sets. Within an enterprise, it is not uncommon to have several backup software vendors in use, protecting different divisions or departments, possibly, with piles of tapes specific to each, and different trusted, ingrained procedures. That is why virtual tape libraries (VTLs) are the go-to technology to modernize enterprise backup and archive operations.


StorSafe is the latest innovation release of our battle proven VTL product. It is a 100% software product that runs on industry-standard servers, or in any cloud as a VM, to provide a next-generation virtual tape library that is scalable, state-of-the-art, and 100% compatible with existing enterprise backup software. StorSafe can eliminate tapes and manual processes completely in favor of cloud object storage for offsite protection of backup sets, if desired.

StorSafe diagram
Figure 1: Backups are directed to StorSafe, stored on the SAN, and exported to object storage or tape

The StorSafe VTL uses storage you provide, typically from a SAN, so you can use your existing vendors and storage management procedures. Scalability is as simple as giving StorSafe more block storage from your SAN or running the software on more powerful servers, so it is easy to grow operations over time. There is never a forklift upgrade event, as is the case for backup to disk appliances. Because backups are reduced by 95%, less block storage is needed and exports to cloud object storage are also up to 95% data reduced, making them portable and significantly less expensive to store.


Modernize. Get 100% compatibility with your existing backup software vendors and processes. FalconStor is proven, as it protects over 1.25 exabytes, and our managed service providers (MSPs) are ready to help.

Go 6X Faster. Protect 6X as much data and be ready for the fastest restores from disk, at 40TB/hour/node. That’s 6x faster than physical tape and 2x faster than other VTLs.

Up to 95% Data Reduction. Dramatically reduce the amount of the storage capacity required by up to 95%. Our leadership in deduplication is underscored by 8 patents, from 2006 to 2020.

90% Savings. Minimize the cost of storing backups with our data reduction technologies, and the ability to purchase your SAN or cloud storage from any vendors. Avoid lock-in or forklift upgrades.

Cloud Ready. Enjoy the flexibility of exporting to physical tapes and archiving to popular cloud providers of your choice. Command secure backup and archival, across sites and clouds through one easy-to-use dashboard. Migrate from physical tapes over time.