Modernize Your IBM i Backup Environment

With StorSafe VTL, you can modernize your backup operations without needing to change your existing backup operations or procedures. It’s 100% compatible, easy to use, and battle tested. You can land your data on disk first, enabling faster throughput and faster restores, and use StorSafe to write to tape or to eliminate tapes entirely by using cloud object storage for offsite data protection.

With 80% of IBM i customers still using tape as a primary backup strategy, look to FalconStor to help you orchestrate your backup and archive for IBM i environments. By using StorSafe VTL as a backup target for IBM i infrastructure, you can reduce operational and media costs while increasing performance levels to meet stringent application recovery SLAs and maximize ROI.

Meet the backup window with blazing fast 40TB/hour speeds

StorSafe VTL archives data with no impact to application servers or business continuity and offers the best price/performance ratio on the market at 3X-6X of competing solutions.

Leverage FalconStor as a trusted partner

FalconStor is committed to engagement with the strong and passionate IBM i user community through user group sponsorships and relationships with technology partners and Managed Service Providers that serve the community.

Download our white paper to better understand how StorSafe VTL is used as a backup target for IBM i environments. For too long, the standard method of backing up IBM i systems has been to use a locally attached tape drive or library. The result is reduced performance due to limited backup streams, excessive manual tape handling, and no way to secure data offsite. StorSafe takes aim at that to increase the speed of backup, drive faster restore, and drive out the headache and cost of tape.

StorSafe can non-disruptively replace tape backup in a disk-to-disk (D2D) format to accelerate backup/recovery processes and improve operational efficiency. The advantages are significant: integration with native backup tools, IPL bare-metal recovery from virtual or physical tape, and direct physical tape support with encryption to maximize secure operations. Using StorSafe reduces both operational and media costs while increasing performance levels to meet stringent application recovery service level agreements (SLAs) and to maximize return on investment (ROI).