Use Cases

FalconStor solves the most prevasive challenges in backup and archival today.

Use Cases

Enterprise Use Cases


Accelerate 3-2-1 Backup & Restore.

Any backups directed to StorSafe will experience up to a 6X increase in speed compared to a physical tape library and a 2-10X increase in speed compared to leading backup to disk appliances. StorSafe efficiently stores backup data onto virtual tapes resident on your high-speed SAN disk array. With StorSafe you can protect 6X as much data each day and deliver rapid restores to mission-critical servers in the event of a ransomware attack or other catastrophic event.

Slash Backup & Archive Costs.

The size of backup data received by StorSafe is reduced by up to 95% through a combination of industry-leading deduplication and compression, to slash the cost of storing your backups on your SAN disk array or when you export it to local or cloud object storage from Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and Wasabi. For example, StorSafe can export to S3 Frequent, S3 Infrequent, S3 Auto-Tiered, and S3 Glacier to dial in your price performance point. Savings of up to 90% are possible on-premises and in the cloud.

Migrate from Tape to the Cloud.

Offsite protection of up to 95% data reduced backup data can be accomplished by exporting it to cloud object storage for touch-free, tape-free operations. Leverage competing vendors such as Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Wasabi, and your Managed Service Provider (MSP), and more to ensure backup data is safely protected offsite. You can continue to use physical tapes to store a copy offsite as well and migrate off physical tapes over time. A third option is to run a second copy of StorSafe in the cloud and use asynchronous replication from the on-premises StorSafe.

Utilize the Cloud for Long Term Archival.

Set a policy in StorSafe to export older backup data such as yearly fulls and quarterly fulls to cloud object storage to free up room in the virtual tape library. These Secure Data Container exports cost less to store because they are up to 95% data reduced and they use less expensive media than the high-speed block storage of your SAN, where virtual tapes reside. Further, these exports can be fully encrypted for security, ensure data integrity with embedded checksums, and can provide complete immutability that can be verified with the embedded hash.

Migrate from Legacy Backup Targets.

Purpose built backup appliances and last generation VTLs are going EOL since they do not have a cloud future. StorSafe’s software defined approach is more cloud friendly than having to rack custom backup appliances in the cloud provider. FalconStor has strategic partnerships with both IBM and Hitachi to move EOL ProtecTIER(TM) and Sepaton(TM)/HPP customers over to StorSafe, which is 100% compatible with these environments. In the case of IBM, FalconStor supports the ProtecTIER(tm) product for up to one year. Along with your Managed Service Provider, we can easily migrate you to StorSafe, as we have done for many customers.

Managed Service Provider Use Cases


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer backup and archive services by running StorSafe and StorSight in their data center. The end customer runs a second instance of StorSafe and StorSight on-premises.

Schedule exports of Secure Data Containers or use built in continuous asynchronous replication sends data to the MSPs private cloud environment.

Whichever selection is made, StorSafe ensures the end customer’s data is secure and StorSight provides real-time visibility into the health of backup and archive operations, full multi-tenancy to isolate clients, and bill back to make operations simple.