DiskSafe is an optional agent that can be used in concert with the FalconStor StorGuard disk array virtualization solution. When installed on virtual or physical mission-critical Windows or Linux servers or clusters, DiskSafe operates at a disk block level to synchronously mirror all writes leaving the server bound for a disk array on the Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN to a second disk array on the SAN. This WRITE copy functionality can be set up in either continuous or periodic mode, accommodating any business requirement or network infrastructure.


Traditional backup and restore software burdens mission-critical servers, and the disk arrays that house their data. Recovery methods are cumbersome, often go untested, and cause significant downtime for business application operations. In contrast to this method, the FalconStor DiskSafe agent transfers data to a second disk array, where backup operations are executed without any impact to production environments, eliminating the backup window and providing local or remote recovery of data volumes.


FalconStor DiskSafe supports multi-node Microsoft Cluster Service in active-active or active-passive configurations. When a Microsoft Windows cluster node fails, FalconStor DiskSafe seamlessly continues mirroring fusing the remaining nodes. When the failed node is restored, mirroring resumes on that node automatically.