What it is

FalconStor® MicroScan™ is a patented data de-duplication technology that minimizes the amount of data transferred during replication. Data changes are replicated at the smallest possible level of granularity, reducing bandwidth required for replicating data to a second site for disaster recovery (DR). MicroScan is an integral part of the FalconStor Replication option for FalconStor StorGuard.

What you get

Minimized network bandwidth and storage consumption

Typical storage array-based solutions replicate changes track-by-track. This means that even when the smallest possible data change is made (512 bytes or 1 disk sector), the file system will write 8K of data and the array will send the entire track (typically 32KB in size) or four times more than the file system change.

In contrast, MicroScan scans the 8K of “new” data and concludes that only 512 bytes (1 disk sector) have truly changed. Only the 512 byte change is sent over the network, making it 64 times more efficient than sending the full track. This means that for every terabyte the array would need to send over the wire, FalconStor CDP or FalconStor NSS only needs to send 16 gigabytes.