Modernize your backup and archive environment and reduce storage capacity by up to 95% and use physical tapes for offsite protection.

Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

Classic Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is the prior release of our StorSafe VTL product. It delivers many of the same benefits as StorSafe, and uses physical tapes for offsite protection of backup data.

Virtual Tape Library - Benefits

  • Modernize. A worldwide industry leader with over an exabyte under management, FalconStor is 100% compatible with your existing backup software, hardware and operational procedures, so you can realize value quickly without sweeping changes.

  • Go 6X Faster. We deliver the fastest backups and restores at 40TB/hour per compute server, up to 8 compute servers, for 320TB/hour of throughput. That’s much faster than a physical tape library, and 2-10x faster than leading backup-to-disk appliances.

  • Up to 95% Data Reduction. Our leadership in deduplication techniques, underscored by 8 patents issued over 15 years, reduces the storage capacity required by backup data on-premises and offsite in the cloud by up to 95%.

  • 90% Savings. Our 100% software-defined approach lets tailor a configuration to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Rather than vendor lock-in, you can leverage competing disk array and object storage vendors to slash your backup & archival storage costs.

  • Offsite Protection. For offsite protection, Classic VTL exports virtual tapes as physical tapes, and keeps track of their location with an intuitive management dashboard. Virtual tapes can remain in the library for lightning fast restores or can be stubbed when exported to local object storage.
vtl diagram

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