Falconstor technology ensures your data is continuously available​

Business Continuity solutions eliminate the risk of downtime of critical services, applications, and sites.

Business Continuity


  • Data must be readily available and always accessible
  • Need quick and easy recovery in case of total failure
  • Need a recovery process that accommodates services, storage, and applications in different buildings
  • Traditional backup and recovery solutions do not meet data availability requirements
  • Leverage Flash and SSD benefits at the best price point
  • Ability to cross communicate between platforms and storage


Every organization has a mission-critical application, the one that if it becomes unresponsive or goes down can have catastrophic implications to the business operations or revenue. To properly protect the business from this level of failure, IT departments look for a product or solution that provides them with the flexibility required to meet the needs of the business.

FalconStor technology is unique as it protects local resources such as email, web services, and databases from going down in the event of hardware or networking failure. FalconStor’s Enterprise Suite solutions provide IT departments with the freedom and flexibility to move services, applications, or virtual machines quickly between floors, between storage platforms including Flash and SSD, or between servers the minute connectivity is interrupted.


Disasters are no longer just natural weather events that are isolated to specific parts of the world or occurring at certain times of the year. A disaster can be caused by simply opening an infected email, unplugging the wrong server, or using the wrong backup. This can affect a whole office floor or the entire company. In order to protect the business from these unforeseen risks,
IT organizations need a solution that is aware of its surroundings and can instantly respond in the event that disaster strikes.

FalconStor’s Enterprise Suite solution is not limited to providing high availability to resources in the local data center, it can give organizations the freedom to move business operations between buildings separated by several blocks or a small town.


  • Continuously available, always-on access to data
  • No loss to productivity from storage or network failure
  • Email, websites, and CRM applications will not go down
  • No data loss when a building is lost in a datacenter
  • A recovery process that brings back everything with one click
  • 99.99% data availability
  • Restoring systems in a matter of minutes
  • Stretch cluster capabilities
  • IO cluster speed supports any disk from modern to legacy

How we deliver


    Provides the flexibility to choose the hardware and configuration appropriate for the level of continuity required​


    Ideal for small environments and remote or branch offices and suitable for virtual or physical settings


    All-in-one appliance provides continuity and removes the risk of downtime of critical services, applications, and sites​


    For larger organizations looking to put existing storage to better use, gateway deployments provide consistent capabilities across multiple types of storage