Candidate Privacy Policy

Candidate Privacy Policy

By submitting your Candidate Data to FalconStor, you understand and agree that:

  • You have reviewed this Privacy Statement;
  • FalconStor may process your data in accordance with this statement;
  • Your data may be transferred to other FalconStor locations worldwide (subject to applicable law).

This policy applies to data submitted by any method to FalconStor in connection with a job application, including online questionnaires and applications received via regular mail or hand delivery.


  • Data will be collected lawfully and processed strictly for the purposes specified below and used accordingly.
  • Data will be adequate, relevant and not excessive relative to the purposes for which collected and processed.
  • Data will be as accurate and up-to-date as possible.
  • Data will not be kept longer than appropriate or necessary for the purposes for which processed or as legally required.
  • Data will be collected, used and retained in accordance with legal rights.
  • Data will be protected by appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, or accidental loss or damage.


  • Processing includes, but is not limited to, obtaining, organizing, recording, maintaining, transferring, using, disclosing, disseminating or otherwise making available, blocking, destroying and erasing Data.

Candidate Data

Candidate Data that is processed includes:

  • Candidate status
  • Personal data, such as name, age, telephone numbers, addresses
  • Work history/job data
  • Education
  • Compensation
  • Employer feedback
  • Online questionnaire result

Sensitive Candidate Data also may be processed in accordance with local law, where necessary and permissible (including obtaining express consent, if required) and includes:

  • Financial data;
  • Medical or health data;
  • Demographic data, such as gender, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, political affiliations, criminal proceedings, or membership in trade unions.

Use of Third Parties

  • Subject to local laws, FalconStor may use third party service providers to collect, process and/or validate Candidate Data.
  • These service providers are required to ensure adequate protection for Candidate Data and to comply with local laws.


FalconStor may disclose certain Candidate Data in accordance with applicable laws to:

  • A third party service provider in connection with the use and processing of Candidate Data;
  • Others, such as governmental authorities, in order to protect the interests or rights of FalconStor or third parties.


  • FalconStor may process and transfer Candidate Data to other FalconStor locations outside your country or region for purposes relating to its global business operations, including human resources planning and reporting requirements;
  • The process, transfer, and release of Candidate Data within FalconStor and/or to third parties outside your country is subject to local law, including, where required, obtaining consent, and involves utilizing adequate security measures.


  • FalconStor has implemented reasonable and adequate security measures to protect manual and electronic processing of Candidate Data and prevent misuse.