By cfheoh @ Storage Gaga

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak with FalconStor® Software‘s David Morris (VP of Global Product Strategy & Marketing) and Mark Delsman (CTO). It was my first engagement with FalconStor® in almost 9 years! I wrote a piece of FalconStor® in my blog in 2011.

I have been an industry pundit in South East Asia for some time now, and I have followed the development of FalconStor® over that time. I have seen the ups and downs of the company but lately, it has enjoyed a stronger stability and consistency in its business. The chart compiled by Blocks & Files is showing good promise in its P&L that the Falcon is reemerging from the ashes of the past.

And leading that positive charge is better clarity of who they are, what they are best at. They have positioned their business into 2 categories:

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