By Stephanie Simone dbta.com

FalconStor Software, a data protection company, is unveiling StorSafe, an enterprise-class persistent data storage container that provides integration with legacy backup and archive software and processes.

StorSafe leverages modern industry-standard software container technology that uses virtualization at the application layer versus the systems layer, and allows the disaggregation of the data from the system-level storage components.

With this “data-centric” approach, the solution delivers a persistent, long-term data preservation container that is agnostic, heterogeneous, and highly portable, as well as backward compatible and compatible with future technology advancements.

Leveraging the power of container technologies has allowed the development of robust active and passive capabilities that are necessary during extended archive retention periods in data centers and cloud environments for forensic audits, chain of custody inquires, cyber intrusion detection, and periodic journaled data integrity validations.

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