by Mark Cox • March 19, 2020

FalconStor’s new StorSafe offering leverages containerization with their VTL technology to produce an archiving solution aimed mainly at very long term retention.

It seems as if FalconStor has had more reboots than a superhero movie franchise. The company was a storage virtualization pioneer at its inception twenty years ago, although their market penetration never really came close to the initial reputation of its technology. They have been through multiple CEOs and multiple strategies. Now, however, they believe that they have created a differentiated solution that fits a clear market need with StorSafe, an archiving solution designed for very long term archiving needs. StorSafe updates FalconStor’s legacy virtual tape library technology to create what the company is terming the industry’s first enterprise-class persistent data storage container. It is available in beta today, with general availability slated for the second half of 2020.

“Over the last few years, the storage market has turned upside down,” said David Morris, Vice President, Global Product Strategy and Marketing at FalconStor. “The business has shifted out from a lot of people in storage in the last few years.”

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