FalconStor VTL Improves Tape Backup Efficiency with Wasabi


FalconStor StorSafe™ VTL Improves Tape Backup Efficiency with Wasabi

Typically, backing up to tape is a time-consuming process, but FalconStor StorSafe delivers backup-to-disk technology that is 100% compatible with enterprise backup software you are using today, and runs on hardware from the vendors you use today and prefer. Increase the speed of backups and restores dramatically compared to using a tape library, and by 2-10X over backup-to-disk appliances such as Data Domain.

FalconStor StorSafe reduces the size of backup sets by up to 95%, slashing backup data storage costs, while delivering from 40TB/hour to 320TB/hour of throughput to accommodate even the most demanding enterprise environments.

FalconStor’s industry-leading deduplication technology can reduce your overall storage burden and technical debt. The software works by removing redundant data blocks and replacing them with pointers to the unique data copy. Only unique blocks from the last time the data was stored are kept, improving storage efficiency by up to 95%.

Wasabi Cloud Object Storage + FalconStor StorSafe™

FalconStor StorSafe is hardware-agnostic, meaning you can choose the most economical hardware configuration best suited to your use case with no hardware vendor lock-in. StorSafe allows you to modernize your backup and archive operations to protect the ever-increasing amount of mission-critical data on-premises, then export a copy to Wasabi cloud object storage for offsite protection. You can still create tapes for offsite protection while you shift your operations to using cloud object storage for a touch-free, tape-free future.  

Hybrid cloud organizations looking to scale affordably will also see advantages to using Wasabi and StorSafe solution. StorSafe is a 100% software defined backup-to-disk product that runs on the industry-standard servers, SAN storage, on-premises object storage, and cloud object storage you choose. As your needs grow over time, just add more compute servers, and provide StorSafe with additional storage from your favorite vendors, making scaling simple and predictable. Wasabi’s simple pricing model and lack of egress fees make predicting your monthly storage bill easy. 

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