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Why a vendor-agnostic approach magnifies peace of mind

Despite the clear advantages of cloud, many IT decision-makers’ fear of lock-in to any one cloud vendor prevents them from fully maximizing the benefits. Many customers have also avoided getting locked-in to any one hardware-vendor and now find themselves trying to manage a complex heterogeneous storage environment. In this post, we’ll explore how to continue to avoid lock-in – and magnify the peace of mind that comes with that approach – without the storage and data management headaches that can result from having a diverse, hybrid environment

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Is the IT hero a myth?

IT managers are silent heroes. The business never knows there’s a problem with storage until the moment data isn’t available. You’re continually looking for ways to make life easy for the business – and for yourself. To do that, you need powerful tools that give you unprecedented control over your storage environment. In this post, we’ll explore how to address business leaders’ dissatisfaction with IT, so you get the recognition you deserve.

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Stop just managing the “boxes”: Orchestrate

You have a lot to contend with. The daily struggle of supporting new projects while you provide 24-hour access to data services and applications is difficult. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can become an efficient and effective orchestrator in providing services to your organization without disruptively replacing existing investments and procedures.

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Are you the master of your data?

What is mastery when it comes to data? In this blog, explore what it means to become a master of IT through expert storage and data management that helps your organization take advantage of its data to gain a competitive advantage.

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