FalconStor® Data Mastery Platform

Modern, comprehensive, easy-to-use

With FalconStor® Data Mastery Platform, you can leverage your existing IT investments and get a holistic view of your environment through a central management console that includes embedded pervasive security. Continually protect, optimize, recover, locate, analyze, and scale data and storage resources across any environment – physical, virtual, cloud, hyper-converged, hybrid cloud. Built-in predictive analytics capabilities provide the ability to proactively plan for the data growth and capacity that will inevitably be required. Learn more.

Unmatched data protection and recovery capabilities with no business impact

The FalconStor® Data Mastery Platform is the most granular data protection solution in the industry.

Lower costs by leveraging your existing investments, optimizing the performance and speed of your infrastructure, avoiding vendor lock-in, and eliminating compromises on sub-par software embedded in hardware.

Break down data silos with world-class data protection and recovery, intelligent utilization of the right storage based on use case and policy (no matter where data resides), and a holistic view of your entire environment through a single central management console.

Increase agility with real-time insights through predictive analytics and reporting that enable you to plan for growth, so you can focus on the strategic data initiatives that drive value.

Whatever your data management challenge or use case, the FalconStor Data Mastery Platform can be applied holistically or in a modular fashion. Start with one or two use cases and move at your own pace to unlock the full power of the software as you discover its low TCO and great potential.


Leverage full-spectrum, adaptive, and application-aware data protection across all environments to increase operational efficiency.


Dramatically reduce data storage costs and data protection latency to ensure applications run fast.


Confidently and reliably meet aggressive data recovery objectives (RTO and RPO).


Move mission-critical applications between data centers or to/from the cloud with no impact to the business and quickly find target data regardless of where it was replicated.


Gain insight and take action to plan for growth, improve performance, reduce costs, and manage risk.


Seamlessly master your data management and plan for the longer-term as your needs expand and evolve.

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Unleash the power of cloud data management.

With bandwidth acceleration and the ability to define target storage, FreeStor gives you the ability to efficiently define a cloud target, whether that's AWS, Azure, or any other public or private cloud service. Migrate and replicate from the data center to the cloud, from the cloud to the data center, or from one cloud target to another cloud targer.

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Predict capacity growth and plan for the future

  • Predict capacity. With advanced analytics and reporting, you can plan for growth and easily identify hotspots and bottlenecks to optimize performance and availability across all storage resources. Learn More
  • Be proactive. Only FalconStor offers analytics and insight from core-to-edge across heterogeneous storage environments, allowing you to unlock the insights needed to act proactively to drive down costs. Learn More
  • Embrace freedom. Focus on driving value in the layers that matter most to your business by freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives to accelerate becoming a data-driven enterprise. Read the case study
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