The State of Enterprise Backup Today

More than 400 webinar attendees share their views on data protection

By Chris Cummings, VP, Go To Market

Along with our friend Scott Lowe, industry pundit and head of Actual Tech Media, FalconStor held an online event to understand the state of backup in the enterprise today. More than 400 attendees took the time to answer several critical questions, and their answers portray data protection in the midst of a huge transition, underscoring how important Veeam and cloud-based data protection are today.

While you can get all the details on FalconStor’s abilities to modernize your backup operations – migrating to the cloud, eliminating on-premises data centers, and automating data movement between them – from the webinar, the polling questions are revealing since they show what IT infrastructure operators are dealing with now.

Here are the Cliff’s Notes:


We know that today’s enterprise runs a collection of backup and recovery software technology, but Veeam’s usage rate at 38% was by far the highest and not altogether surprising. Veeam continues to capture the newer workloads that are destined ultimately for cloud retention. FalconStor’s ability to consolidate backups from all backup applications derive consistently high dedupe rates of 20:1 or more, and bring those workloads to the cloud at pace, enabling organizations to reduce costs without sweeping changes to their environment and adopt Veeam at any point in their modernization cycle.

Growth Happens

Enterprises are struggling under the weight of the data they must protect. 35% of the participants recorded 1 or more PB of data to protect today and, collectively, they report that the data they must protect is growing at 39% annually. The puts a tremendous amount of pressure on streamlining operations and preparing data properly so that using the cloud for long-term archival does not exhaust IT budgets. This is where FalconStor shines, reducing the data footprint needing to be retained in a cloud and utilizing our Secure Data Containers to check the security and integrity of backups without incurring egress fees, the not-so-hidden uncontrolled cost of cloud storage.

The Cloud Cometh

Just as backup applications are transition, so too are the destinations. While tape remains essential to many enterprises and public institutions, offsite replication is replacing the 3-2-1 backup methodology of the past for most organizations. FalconStor enables all destinations – tape moving to Iron Mountain, replication to a second data center, collocated data center, and the public cloud. FalconStor’s high deduplication rates minimize unnecessary network traffic and increase throughput.

Transition Requires Options

What became clearer through the barrage of questions was that enterprises are looking for options as they transition from the old to the new and they don’t like to have their hands forced by their technology providers. FalconStor provides options by supporting what one company called a “kaleidoscope” of backup & recovery software providers, all media types and all destinations, including the cloud. To get the whole story, view the webcast here or stack up FalconStor versus the competition here.