Stop just managing the “boxes”: Orchestrate

Your heterogeneous storage environment involves a multitude of boxes and cloud providers. Different types of storage from different vendors, both on-premises and in your hybrid cloud environment, often have their own management interfaces and quirks. Managing all of these separate boxes and cloud resources is both complex and time-consuming for you, and it’s getting in the way of maximizing the value of your data.

You’re unable to use your storage capacity efficiently, which leads to over-provisioning and ballooning costs. You’re not able to use your team’s time efficiently because you have to assign different people to manage the diverse resources. You also don’t have unified visibility into all of your storage systems, which can result in data silos that aren’t properly protected and inefficient backup and recovery processes. Different systems have different capabilities, which limits your ability to meet stringent RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives). You find yourself starting to get locked into particular hardware and cloud vendors because of these issues, and the frustration builds.

FalconStor has spent nearly two decades addressing the unique needs of heterogeneous storage environments, and we are here to help you reduce the complexity and cost of implementing and maintaining your IT, while also increasing your agility and speed in providing unified data services to your end-users.

Orchestrate a services-oriented IT model

The FalconStor Data Mastery Platform enables the development of an optimized services-oriented IT model that improves storage efficiency and lowers the cost of storage and data management. With a central management console (FalconStor Management Server – FMS), you get full visibility into your on-premises and cloud storage environment, providing you with the ability to manage ALL your storage resources, eliminating the fragmented approach to individually managing storage. FalconStor enables this unique capability via our hardware- and software-agnostic approach. We’ve spent almost two decades certifying the industry’s diverse hardware, applications, and hypervisors to enable you to manage storage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Moving to a storage orchestration model helps you:

  • Increase the efficiency of capacity utilization and improve the process for allocation of storage volumes.
  • Automate technical activities and free up valuable time to pursue strategic IT initiatives.
  • Eliminate batch process backup to meet the backup window and save costs.
  • Lower your storage procurement costs as you can now acquire it “just-in-time”, manage it holistically, and easily leverage the cloud.
  • Treat your storage infrastructure as an integrated, unified entity with the ability to share resources and use one solution to fix all issues.
  • Automate data protection and disaster recovery to meet strict RTO and RPO SLAs.
  • Easily migrate applications and data to the cloud when needed to refresh technology or save costs.

Taking a storage orchestration approach to your data services can reap considerable benefits and satisfaction. In a survey of eight customers, we found that the typical ROI is 448% with a payback period of 5.5 months. Customers reported overall IT cost reductions, greater system availability, increased staff productivity equivalent to one full-time employee, hardware savings of $81,000 annually, and a reduction in critical system failures from 17 to 1 annually after deployment.

For those who strive for hero status—to evolve from IT decision makers to IT masters—data mastery is within reach.

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