For years, magnetic tape has been a staple of data centers around the world. Its low cost and high physical durability have made it a favorite medium for long-term archival data. By modern standards, however, tape is quite slow. Retrieving data on tape is magnitudes slower than digital methods such as on-premise storage or the cloud. Still, tapes are vital to the storage strategies of many enterprises across industries.

FalconStor StorSafeTM with deduplication is a disk-based solution that modernizes the tape archive environment. Together with Wasabi hot cloud storage, enterprises can improve the performance of their long-term archive operation and add an additional layer of redundancy to hybrid storage environments. Hybrid cloud organizations looking to scale affordably will also see advantages to using Wasabi and FalconStor’s joint solution. FalconStor StorSafe can add StorSafe nodes as your company’s data needs grow, making scaling simple and predictable. Wasabi’s simple pricing model, lack of egress fees and API request charges make predicting your monthly storage bill easy.


David Boland, Product Marketing Director, Wasabi
Mark Delsman, VP Product and Engineering, FalconStor