FalconStor® CDP and FalconStor® NSS Solutions Enable Secure Replication to the Cloud, Non-Disruptive Access to Data for Analytics – and Faster Deployment

MELVILLE, N.Y., August 19, 2013 — FalconStor Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), a market leader in disk-based data protection, today announced that the latest version of its FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) and FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) data protection solutions with RecoverTrac™ disaster recovery (DR) automation technology now offer enhanced features for intelligently moving, storing, protecting and analyzing data without burdening production resources. The RecoverTrac tool now has more flexibility to automate failover and failback with greater accuracy in any physical, virtual or hybrid environment, including VMware and Hyper-V deployments.

FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS solutions with RecoverTrac technology provide the flexibility to meet requirements for data protection and recovery with minimal capital investment. Enhanced capabilities include:

  • Minimal impact on production data: Production operations have full access to storage volumes while data is managed, protected and highly available – enables non-disruptive mining of copy data and eliminates the need for dedicated storage for business intelligence.
  • Enhanced DR automation: RecoverTrac technology now offers flexible recovery to preserve resource allocation, customizable service awareness for accurate recovery, VMware vSphere 5.5 support, networking support for recovery with jumbo frames, and failback accuracy with prepare to failback.
  • Microsoft environment protection: The RecoverTrac tool now supports protection and recovery of physical and virtual machines running Windows 2012 and any virtual machine running on Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 environments.
  • Secure, efficient replication: Customers can replicate multiple types of data quickly, each with its own encryption format, which adds an extra layer of security when moving data from the data center to remote locations.

Enhancements specific to the FalconStor NSS solution include a stretch cluster configurator, storage-agnostic data migration for cloud deployments and a single plane of glass for managing storage and server operations.

  • Stretch cluster configurator: New automated configurator simplifies the set up and configuration of stretch metro clusters, increasing data availability, reducing the risk of downtime and improving business continuity.
  • Data movement to and from the cloud: The FalconStor NSS solution enables data migration to and from cloud infrastructures, allowing managed service providers to deliver business continuity, data protection and disaster recovery services.
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 storage management support: Integration with the Windows 2012 storage management interface provides organizations a mechanism to manage, provision and monitor FalconStor storage devices from Windows 2012 servers.
  • Further VMware integration: With FalconStor NSS storage virtualization technology, organizations can offload CPU-intensive read, write and clone processes to storage devices and can utilize thin provisioning with space reclamation support for all storage devices connected by vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI).

“FalconStor’s enhanced data protection and DR technologies will provide our customers with improved performance and high-availability storage environments,” said Christopher Peyton, operations manager, hosted services, at Open Storage Solutions, a business partner of FalconStor Software. “The automated stretch cluster configurator will be vital in mobilizing customers’ data to remove the risk of data center failure and to improve business continuity operations. In addition, as companies continue to implement private, public or hybrid cloud solutions, the secure data migration feature of the FalconStor NSS solution will be a key component of these clouds.”

FalconStor’s data protection solutions go beyond other storage management systems by optimizing and enabling storage virtualization, continuous data protection, business continuity and data analysis within physical, virtual and heterogeneous environments in multiple locations. Businesses can deploy comprehensive data protection and DR while creating a secondary storage repository for data mining and other uses without any impact on production storage.

“FalconStor is focused on providing simple yet powerful data mobility solutions that enable business agility and maximum uptime with minimum effort,” said Tim Sheets, vice president of product marketing and enablement for FalconStor. “FalconStor NSS and FalconStor CDP with RecoverTrac technology keep IT services up and running by moving, storing and protecting vital business information while facilitating data movement and multiple uses of stored data. Our storage virtualization, data protection and recovery solutions are the most flexible and scalable on the market, adaptable to any size data center using any combination of physical and virtual servers and a wide variety of storage hardware.”

FalconStor will begin shipping the next version of the FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS solutions with RecoverTrac DR automation technology on October 8, 2013. MSRP in US dollars is as follows: The FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS software appliance kits (SAK) start at $10,000; the FalconStor CDP appliance starts at $11,300; and the FalconStor NSS gateway starts at $12,300. Please contact a local FalconStor partner for complete solution pricing.

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