FalconStor Support and Migration Service for
IBM ProtecTIER Customers

Plan, Prepare, and Migrate
FalconStor’s Enterprise-Class StorSafe,
Backup and Archival Solution

FalconStor has provided consolidated backup, archival and business continuity solutions to IBM i customers for nearly 20 years.

With ProtecTIER’s end-of-life, numerous IBM i customers find value in a replacement solution that requires no architecture modification, as well as delivers a time tested, reliable solution for their backup and archival needs.

FalconStor StorSafe is the only backup and archive solution that offers enterprise-class integration and support to a wide array of IBM technologies, including IBM COS.

FalconStor’s IBM ProtecTIER Support and Migration Service Offer:

  1. Extended ProtecTIER support services for up to 12 months*
  2. Speak with experienced IBM ProtecTIER support staff to answer your questions or resolve issues with your existing ProtecTIER installation
  3. Engage the FalconStor team with your team to develop a plan, prepare, and migrate from ProtecTIER to FalconStor StorSafe
  4. Integrate with IBM on-premises storage or IBM COS cloud for continued IBM ecosystem participation, archival resiliency, and ongoing data protection
  5. $999 per month per ProtecTIER installation*

* Three (3) month minimum contract for the FalconStor ProtecTIER Support and Migration Service.