StorSafe – Product Webinar

falconstor webinar apr 21

Join us on April 21, 2020 at 1:00pm ET for our StorSafe product webinar with Todd Brooks, FalconStor CEO, and David Morris, VP of Product. You will learn about the new capabilities that first enterprise-class containerized storage archives can deliver in performance, portability, and expense savings.

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Like FalconStor proven Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solution, StorSafeTM provides sophisticated physical tape emulation and seamless integration with an enterprise’s legacy backup and archive software and processes. In addition, StorSafeTM includes our advanced data deduplication technology. However, StorSafe takes long-term archive storage optimization to an entirely new and innovative level. By leveraging industry-standard container technology to enable persistent long-term archive storage, our patent-pending StorSafeTM solution dramatically improves archive data portability, accessibility, security, and integrity validation, especially as it relates to multi-cloud data storage leverage. As a result, a full spectrum of archive data storage options is made available to our enterprise customers to efficiently utilize essentially any storage environment, while confidently ensuring data security and efficient archive access.

We have designed StorSafeTM to significantly reduce long-term archive data storage and legal or regulatory mandated compliance costs and redefine long-term archive storage optimization and accessibility for the next decade. StorSafeTM design features include:

  • Persistent Virtual Storage Container (VSC)
  • Seamless integration with legacy backup solutions and processes
  • Advanced data deduplication which reduces archive data capacity by up to 95%
  • Erasure Coding for additional archive capacity reduction in standard 3-2-1 backup models
  • Redundant Array of Independent Clouds (RAICs) for robust redundancy, accelerated rebuilds, and enhanced disaster avoidance
  • Variable payload containers to optimize data by type and tier
  • Execution capabilities for advanced container features
  • Advanced encryption
  • Heterogeneous portability for seamless transfer of a container to storage systems or any S3 enabled cloud
  • Extended archival retention and future-proofed for compatibility

Register Here on Go-To-Webinar Today, as space for the webinar is limited.