Is the IT hero a myth?

As an IT manager, you don’t always get the respect you deserve. Even though you may serve as the organization’s hero every day by monitoring activity, ensuring high availability, protecting and recovering mission-critical data, and keeping workers’ technology happy and healthy, most of your diligence goes unnoticed. Departments outside of IT don’t always understand the high level of expertise and commitment required to keep the business running and data safe.

A recent study by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that only 6% of business leaders see their IT department as a competitive differentiator. They cite three areas of dissatisfaction with their organization’s IT:

  • Overly complex process to select, deploy and/or provision IT resources
  • Long and disruptive process when deploying new IT services
  • Lack of ability to provide adequate security and compliance controls

With business leaders reporting such a low degree of recognition and understanding of the value of their IT departments, how can you as an IT professional shift this perception and be seen as an organizational hero? In today’s IT environment, having the right tools and platform for the job is invaluable, and can make all the difference when it comes to quickly delivering new services that boost business performance and line-of-business satisfaction with IT. You need the extra edge that world-class tools can give you to succeed.

Become an IT master

Data is an organization’s most precious asset. Mastery of an organization’s data is a huge responsibility and is a critical differentiator in today’s data-driven economy. Having the right tools that give you control over data is crucial for your organization to succeed and can elevate you to a recognized IT master in the eyes of your organization. We’ve heard from our customers time and again that our platform’s agnostic approach, cutting-edge disaster recovery capabilities, and single pane of glass interface creates IT heroes. We make it easier to do your day-to-day tasks, to serve the business with increased speed and agility, and to save the company money and reputation with zero data loss.

By employing the FalconStor Data Mastery Platform and its unique engine, you’ll have holistic visibility and management across your entire environment. Here are some ways you can address the three areas of line-of-business dissatisfaction with IT.

  • Simplify storage deployments and provisioning. Reduce the complexity and inefficiency of storage deployment and provisioning, as well as disruptive upgrades and service updates, by engaging platform engineered to unify data services and provide better data visibility. The combination of enterprise-class software-defined storage and data management capabilities with predictive analytics across ANY primary or secondary hardware, in the cloud or on-premises, can help you manage, predict, troubleshoot, and take action long before your users are impacted. You can also lower maintenance costs by leveraging existing investments, optimizing infrastructure performance and speed, avoiding vendor lock-in, and eliminating compromises on sub-par software embedded in hardware.
  • Increase speed and agility and continually improve. By taking an integrated, predictive approach to storage and data management, you can analyze your storage across physical, virtual, and cloud pools, and out to clients to provision, orchestrate, and manage capacity and data services from a single management console. You can predict capacity utilization to plan for growth, and easily identify hotspots and bottlenecks to optimize performance and availability across all storage resources. Best of all, this frees up your time to focus on strategic projects that the business is demanding.
  • Provide security and compliance controls. As a storage IT manager, one of the key actions you can take in this category is to prepare for disaster with leading-edge recovery capabilities. Automate complex disaster recovery processes across diverse hardware and environments (physical, virtual, cloud), and ensure all data can be recovered to any point in time before business operations are impacted. Even better, you can proactively detect and provide alerts regarding performance bottlenecks and health risks using a real-time analytics module, with historical and real-time trends and reports, streaming analytics, and real-time insights into performance and health.

Elevate your status to IT Hero

An IT hero is proactive, providing the organization with immediate data access, zero downtime, industry-leading data protection, and a disaster recovery solution that ensures zero data loss. Smart IT managers understand this and master their data-rich environment with an inclusive platform that delivers on the full spectrum of data management use cases. You can start with one use case, such as data protection and recovery, to gain familiarity and prove the value, and later unlock the full potential of the FalconStor Data Mastery Platform to address the concerns of the business one-by-one in a holistic manner. From world-class data protection and disaster recovery, to business continuity, data migration, capacity readiness, and growth planning, you can have all the tools you need to lift the perception of IT’s behind-the-scenes unsung heroes.

IT heroes are no myth; we partner with them every day by helping them leverage powerful solutions and an agile platform to streamline IT processes, monitor and analyze data, secure critical data, maintain compliance, and offer proactive growth planning.

To learn more, read our Data Mastery white paper and check out this infographic. You can also contact a sales representative at