Are you the master of your data?

We at FalconStor are here for the heroes. Not the complacent ones, those content with the status-quo, taking the easiest path, just looking to get by. We’re here for those who want to become IT experts, who strive to improve, those who are dedicated to constant progress with the endurance and determination required. We are here for those who seek to become masters.

But what is mastery when it comes to data and storage? It means you can protect, optimize, recover, locate, analyze, and scale your organization’s data and storage, no matter how large or diverse. It means you can scale your storage infrastructure as your business grows, without compromises and without starting over, even in complex heterogeneous environments. Most importantly, it means you’re doing everything you can to make data available to the organization for analysis and faster, better decision-making.

Total worldwide data will swell to 163ZB by 2025. That’s ten times the amount that exists today. Ten times in the next 6 years! It’s the equivalent of watching the entire Netflix catalog 489 million times. And did you know that 95% of C-level executives believe that data is an integral part of forming their business strategy? Mastering your organization’s data is therefore a vital component of your success as an IT professional and of your organization’s success. So how do you achieve mastery over your organization’s most precious resource so that you can push the boundaries of the possible? How do you help your organization unlock the competitive advantage that lies within your data? How can you enable your organization to get access to data to gain a better understanding of customers, uncover new ways to improve operations, or invent new products, services, or business models?

You can answer all of these questions by addressing the three biggest barriers to data mastery:

  • Reducing your high operational costs. High up-front and operating costs hinder effective data management and protection while draining resources. By choosing hardware- and software-agnostic solutions that work with existing investments and that support physical, virtual, and cloud environments across ALL storage platforms and media types, you can extend the life of your existing investments, pave the way to the cloud, and avoid lock-in penalties.
  • Breaking down the data silos. Silos lead to sub-par data management and protection and the lack of a holistic view into your storage environment. Unifying data serves across all storage environments through a single management console gives you increased visibility and simplicity and no downtime.
  • Increasing speed and agility. Data recovery, backup window, and migration objectives aren’t met, making it difficult to keep up with SLAs and business expectations. With the leading data protection and recovery solution on the market, you can provide the highest levels of availability and blazing fast data recovery so that the business is always-on.

You can achieve mastery over your data without creating lock-in, further propagating silos, compromising on data protection and recovery, or requiring rip-and-replace. With FalconStor solutions, you can align your data storage and management IT initiatives to your organization’s goals so you can successfully address the most critical IT use cases:

  • Backup and archive orchestrationMeet the backup window and leverage the cloud for lower cost long-term data retention and recovery.
  • Storage orchestration: Manage your heterogeneous storage environment and guarantee mission-critical functions continue during and after unforeseen events.
  • Data Protection and Recovery: Ensure organizational stability following an impact to IT.
  • Predictive Analytics: Get real-time, actionable information to make better, faster decisions on your storage capacity needs and free up time to focus on strategic projects.

FalconStor Data Mastery Platform is a modern, comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform that lets you master data with a holistic view of your environment through a central management console. FalconStor solutions are uniquely vendor-and hardware-agnostic, designed to work with your existing technology investments across legacy data centers, modern hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud and hybrid environments.

Since 2000, FalconStor has expertly crafted its solutions to help you reduce costs and avoid compromises so that your organization can become a thriving data-driven enterprise that outsmarts the competition. With FalconStor Data Mastery platform, pervasive security is embedded as you continually protect, optimize, recover, locate, analyze, and scale their resources across any environment – physical, virtual, cloud, hyper-converged, or hybrid.

For those who strive for hero status, to evolve from IT decision makers to IT masters, data mastery is within reach, and FalconStor can help you get there.

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