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VTL v10.0 Data Sheet (Korea Only)
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Evaluator Group Falconstor VTL Evaluation
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Infographic: Do You Have Mastery Over Your Data?
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White Paper: Be the Master of Your Data Estate
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FalconStor Data Mastery Platform Frequently Asked Questions
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FalconStor Data Mastery Platform At A Glance
FalconStor Data Mastery Platform, Product Documents
Falconstor Data Mastery Platform Overview
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VTL 10 Overview
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RecoverTrac 3.0 FAQ
Technology Briefs
RecoverTrac 3.0 Overview
Technology Briefs
Regional, German

Stadtwerke Saarbrücken Upgrades auf FreeStor, um Software Defined Datacenter zu vervollständigen. Der deutsche Versorgungsdienstleister wählt die FreeStor SDS-Plattform, um seine Vision eines vollständig softwaredefinierten Rechenzentrums zu untermauern und flexibler zu werden.
German version, Stadtwerke Saarbrücken Case Study

Recovery Solution Guide
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CDP Overview
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NSS Overview
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Falconstor Server Hardware Details
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DiskSafe Overview
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Snapshot Agents
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Synchronous Mirroring
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Discovery Solutions
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Discovery Solutions was able to extend the life of their IBM i environment, reduce the backup window with a deduplication ratio of 70-to-1, eliminate the need for physical tape, and improve storage efficiencies.

Using FalconStor VTL as a Backup Target for IBM I
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Technology Briefs
Case Studies

Stadtwerke Saarbrücken Upgrades to FreeStor to Complete Software Defined Datacenter. German utility service provider chooses FreeStor SDS-platform to underpin its vision of a fully software-defined datacenter and become more flexible to choose any data destination.

Vendor Profile: IDC Opinion
Analyst Reports

FalconStor Leverages Rich Enterprise Storage Heritage to Address the Requirements of Hybrid Cloud Environments. This IDC Vendor Profile examines FalconStor Software, a software-defined storage (SDS) vendor offering consolidated, enterprise-class storage management for the heterogeneous, hybrid cloud–based enterprise.

Pathfinder Report: Stay Ahead of Changing Storage Requirements with Software-Defined Storage
Analyst Reports

A Pathfinder paper navigates decision-makers through the issues surrounding a specific technology or business case, explores the business value of adoption, and recommends the range of considerations and concrete next steps in the decision-making process.

Eliminating Application SDS Performance And Capacity Management Contortionism
White Papers

Eliminating Application SDS Performance and Capacity Management Contortionism with Predictive Analytics. A White Paper by Marc Staimer, President & CDS Dragon Slayer Consulting.

Frost & Sullivan Stratecast© Report- A Storage Solution for a Hybrid World
Analyst Reports

Data is enjoying its rightful place in the sun, as businesses recognize and capitalize on the value to be derived from collecting and analyzing metrics about every aspect of business operations, consumer behavior, and environmental situations. The ironic thing about most software-defined storage systems is that they are tied to vendor-specific hardware. This independent Frost & Sullivan report reviews a contrasting solution, FreeStor. The FreeStor platform is a sophisticated, software-defined storage solution; that is, it abstracts the control logic from the underlying storage hardware.

End User License Agreement
English, End User License Agreements
Technology Briefs

FalconStor® MicroScan™ is a patented data deduplication technology that minimizes the amount of data transferred during replication by eliminating inefficiencies at the application and file system layer.

Data changes are replicated at the smallest possible level of granularity, reducing bandwidth and associated storage costs for disaster recovery (DR), or any time data is replicated from one source to another. MicroScan is an integral part of the FalconStor Replication option for FalconStor FreeStor solutions.

SCSK 様: クラウド移行ソリューション
Regional, Japanese

Case Study: SCSK (Japanese version)

SCSK: Cloud Migration Solution
Regional, Japanese

Enable efficient and reliable cloud migration of large-scale ERP Cloud migration solutions with FreeStor Data Migration Technology, as rated by one of the leading Japanese IT service vendors.

Regional, Japanese

FreeStor Data Sheet

FreeStor Software Appliance Kit
Regional, Japanese

FreeStor Software Appliance Kit

Regional, Japanese

FreeStor Solutions Guide

FreeStor Virtual Appliance Datasheet
Regional, Japanese

FreeStor Virtual Appliance Datasheet

FreeStor What's New
Regional, Japanese

FreeStor What's New

Falconstor Support Handbook
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Sunrise Communications Group
Case Studies

Sunrise Communications Group is able to drive new product and services launches faster and at a lower cost to its 3.3 million customers

FreeStor Server Hardware
Support Documents
Case Studies

Founded in March 2000 by the CTO of Goldman Sachs, Egenera enables organizations to deliver cost-effective, flexible yet highly reliable IT and cloud services. Egenera’s automation and management solutions enable enterprise IT organizations and service providers to quickly create scalable, secure and highly reliable private, public and cloud services.

C&C Computação e Comunicação
Case Studies

Brazilian services provider C&C Computação e Comunicação expands data center business by leveraging cutting-edge horizontal platform architecture to seamlessly migrate data to, from and across storage platforms.

FreeStor ソリューションガイド
Regional, Japanese

Solution Guide: FreeStor

FalconStor サポートハンドブック
Regional, Japanese


Regional, German

Solution Guide: MIGRATION

Regional, German

Solution Guide: RECOVERY

Regional, German

Solution Guide: CONTINUITY

Regional, German

Solution Guide: OPTIMIZATION

Contrato de Licencia de Usuario Final
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최종 사용자 사용권 계약
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Lizenzvertrag für Endanwender
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Contrat de Licence pour Utilisateur Final
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Freedom of Information: Managing Data in the Information Age
White Papers

According to a popular adage, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. In today’s “Information Age,” the ability to store and access information is fundamentally changing the structure of today’s corporations, enabling them to capture, mine, analyze, and extract tidbits of data, which can provide new opportunities in how they interact with clients and market their products. Leading enterprises have succeeded because they have embraced data as a key enabler to their business and a source of competitive advantage. This white paper addresses the issue of ongoing data growth and provides data management best practices.

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