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FreeStor DRaaS in the Cloud
White Papers
This white paper describes basic cloud technology and concepts, illustrating how the FreeStor Cloud solution can help bridge the gap between on-premise and the Cloud. This document is intended as a guideline for customers planning to deploy a FreeStor DRaaS cloud solution. It provides a brief overview of FreeStor technology, concepts, and simple disaster recovery cloud solution examples.
Technology Briefs
FalconStor® MicroScan™ is a patented data deduplication technology that minimizes the amount of data transferred during replication by eliminating inefficiencies at the application and file system layer.

Data changes are replicated at the smallest possible level of granularity, reducing bandwidth and associated storage costs for disaster recovery (DR), or any time data is replicated from one source to another. MicroScan is an integral part of the FalconStor Replication option for FalconStor FreeStor solutions.
SCSK 様: クラウド移行ソリューション
Regional, Japanese
Case Study: SCSK (Japanese version)
SCSK: Cloud Migration Solution
Regional, Japanese
Enable efficient and reliable cloud migration of large-scale ERP Cloud migration solutions with FreeStor Data Migration Technology, as rated by one of the leading Japanese IT service vendors.
FreeStor Software Appliance Kit
Regional, Japanese
FreeStor Software Appliance Kit
Regional, Japanese
FreeStor Solutions Guide
Regional, Japanese
FreeStor Data Sheet
FreeStor: Quick Start Guide
Data Sheets
This pocket guide to FreeStor covers all the highlights and essential information you need, at-a-glance.
FreeStor: What's New
Data Sheets
The "FreeStor: What's New" data sheet covers highlights of the latest release of FreeStor.
A Managed Services Platform for the Next-Generation Data Center
Data Sheets
Deliver Enterprise-Level Data Services that Scale to Ensure Customer Satisfaction.
Imptech: Soaring Above the Competition
Case Studies
FreeStor’s intelligent, flexible, cost-effective technology platform delivers critical services for Imptech customers in Finance, Healthcare and Insurance Verticals.
FreeStor Data Sheet
Data Sheets
FalconStor Support Handbook
Support Documents
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