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Let’s call it what it is: data deduplication is the waste management system of the storage industry, and just as with any other waste management process, you really need your system to be very efficient. But to start, and just as with any other pandemic, let’s take a look at the symptoms of data duplication! The biggest duplicate producer in today’s IT world is the traditional backup process. Yes, I’m talking about the antiquated, passé, and totally broken batch backup process that produces more data than you can ever get any use for and way less than what you’d really need.


As a storage virtualization company “literally” at its core, FalconStor has been one of the pioneers of this technology since early 2000. Very few of those who first took on that challenge are still standing, and while server virtualization has taken the data center over like a wild fire, storage virtualization hasn’t seen massive adoption in IT organizations.

Reflecting on 12 years of our company’s history may provide some answers, but I’ll save this for another blog. The fact is through these 12 years FalconStor grew to be one of the most respected and recognized names in the storage industry by staying faithful to it’s primary mission: simplifying very complex storage management processes while containing IT costs And our storage virtualization technology has been at the heart of everything we do.


Well it’s no secret that the virtualization storm is changing the IT landscape, and I would say we are just starting. Everything Channel’s CRN magazine has identified the top 100 vendors in the virtualization space to help VARs more easily select the best virtualization products for their businesses – of course as an early player in the space, FalconStor is included on the list but that’s not where the news is. The news is that we have a top 100 virtualization list! And the question is how many vendors do we have in this space?

It’s actually very exiting to watch the dynamics in the space, and all the credit goes obviously to VMware for revitalizing the virtualization concept and bringing it more significantly to open systems. And, as I mentioned, it’s only the beginning. The abstraction and consolidation tools that were developed to optimize resource utilization are the drivers of a new era of computing that is focused on the importance of data and cross-platform collaboration.

At FalconStor we are building and delivering a service-oriented data protection model that integrates and leverages different virtualization technologies to simplify data protection processes and map IT to business operations.

You can check out CRN’s Virtualization 100 List in the May 23rd issue of CRN.

Last week, the company held its first worldwide sales kickoff meeting as a confirmation of our global mission, bringing all the regions together under the one team/one mission spirit. But, as many saw it, the best part of the meeting had nothing to do with the global alignment, the clear and focused messaging, the renewed sense of purpose and direction, or even the great mission that we set up to accomplish in redefining the data protection space. The best part of the meeting was when a group of local children received brand-new bikes built by the North American sales team.


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