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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 18:45

Automated DR Just Got Better

We all know the challenges of implementing a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan. There are so many immediate priorities in a busy data center. The primary focus must be on meeting the ever-increasing demand for 24/7 IT services that have an immediate value to the business. DR has to be in place, but rarely is there time to test it. And the potential disruption to operations is unthinkable. The traditional DR process is a manual, time-intensive affair that no one has time for.

The answer to these challenges – and to the critical need to protect not only business data but also the IT services that make that data useful – is automation. But not all automated DR solutions are equal. FalconStor’s RecoverTrac™ DR automation tool pioneered this category as the cornerstone of our service-oriented data protection strategy, and we have just made it better.

Today we announced the latest version of RecoverTrac technology, which now offers greater flexibility, faster recovery, expanded integration with mixed physical and virtual infrastructures, and even easier non-disrupting rehearsal capability.

These are some of the key enhancements, based on real customer needs, that we now deliver in RecoverTrac 2.5:
  • Lightning-fast recovery: Performance improvements and the ability to recover multiple machines simultaneously return organizations to full productivity in minutes.
  • Any-to-any recovery: Integration with VMware and Hyper-V and support for hardware templates enables failover and failback between any combination of physical and virtual servers and between dissimilar hardware.
  • Greater VMware support: VMware vSphere 5 and VMware cluster support enables load balancing and high-availability configurations.
  • Automated push-button DR rehearsal: Allows busy IT managers to test and refine recovery processes on a regular basis without disrupting business operations.

If you missed today’s RecoverTrac webinar, you can view the recorded presentation. Take a look and let us know what you think on Twitter, #RecoverTrac.
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Recover. Resume. Relax.™ with RecoverTrac 2.5. In this brand-new video, Darrell Riddle, Sr. Director of Product Management, gives a sneak peek into next month’s launch and answers the fundamental question: “What is RecoverTrac?”

Make sure to reserve your seat for the August 21st online launch to discover the latest features and benefits of this powerful disaster recovery automation tool, including “Any Service, Any Time, Any Place” recovery.
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