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So how solid is solid state? If we look at the rapid adoption rate of solid state in general, it is a clear indication that we are jumping to the “early adopter” phase of the Everett Rogers model. This has been accelerated by the massive adoption of solid-state technology primarily in personal devices, led by the iPhone that consumes about 30 percent of the world’s NAND flash supply, which will most likely keep prices stable despite the increase in technology adoption.

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The need for speed has been and will always be the most relevant driver for new technology development – faster cars, faster airplanes, faster trains, and obviously faster computers. But why? Well the answer is simple.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009 17:15

Change Can Be a Good Thing

One of the nice things about the technology sector is that it’s never boring – there are always changes to make life interesting. This can be a new technique that provides a better solution to a problem, or a new, disruptive technology that requires us to re-evaluate our current processes.

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Friday, 05 February 2010 16:41

Data Protection As a Service

Tape backup is still the most prevalent technology in place for dealing with data protection, and array based replication is still the most common method of protection for mission critical applications, but companies are really starting to like the idea of saving money by innovating in how they attack the largest ongoing IT costs, which is still backup and disaster recovery.

Tuesday, 01 September 2009 14:46

Physical to Virtual DR

In light of the events at the recent VMworld conference, this post should be timely.  In my travels lately I have been bumping into a lot of organizations suffering the pain and turmoil of moving from a physical environment at their production datacenter, to a virtual environment for DR.

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One of the hottest topics in IT these days is "Green".  When the term green is used in reference to IT, it usually means more than just being environmentally friendly. For Information Technology, green also means needing less money to pay the bills for power, cooling, datacenter floor space, and the gas needed to ship tapes back and forth between the datacenter and offsite storage or DR location. 

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In order to achieve greater efficiencies for IT investments, most IT models leverage the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) standards model when implementing solutions within the organization.

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Lots of folks have recently been asking me about how the cost benefits of introducing the ODS model in their datacenters. I guess the current economic climate is finally pushing the CIO's to take an even closer look at what they are doing to reduce costs to help the business.

Sunday, 15 June 2008 22:50

Virtualization goes mainstream

It’s official. Virtualization has hit the mainstream. The reason I know this is even PC magazine is now featuring stories and mentioning the aspects of how cloud computing is going to change everything.

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