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Our partner, Ptolemy Data Systems, is doing its part to deliver healthcare services to rural areas across the state of Wyoming. Since 2009, the data storage and managed services provider has been connecting Wyoming’s healthcare providers, contributing to the state’s expanding telemedicine efforts.

Recently Ryan Mulholland, CEO and president of Ptolemy Data Systems, told Healthcare IT News’ Jeff Rowe that his company sees itself as a facilitator. Ptolemy houses the technology and works with clinics across Wyoming to make connections. With Ptolemy’s help, the following three programs are leading the state’s telemedicine movement: the converged management application (CMA) video conferencing technology, the prison health services, and the Wyoming Telepsychiatry Project. Ptolemy leverages FalconStor’s storage virtualization and data protection solutions within the Wyoming Telepsychiatry Project, which brings much-needed medical and psychiatric care to isolated communities.

Mulholland tells Rowe that Ptolemy’s work in the telemedicine sector “isn’t about the money” but rather “something we get to do for our community.”

To learn more about Ptolemy Data Systems’ involvement in Wyoming’s telemedicine services, check out the full Healthcare IT News article.
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Data availability and disaster recovery are mission-critical capabilities for virtually any business. However, there are few industries in which these matters are truly critical enough to use the phrase “life and death” without hyperbole. Healthcare is perhaps the key market where loss of data might translate into losses far beyond those involving time or money.

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