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Thursday, 29 August 2013 13:31

VMworld 2013 - Day 4 Winners

Thank you to everyone who played our Grab & Store Showdown at VMworld. We had a blast and hope you did too! Congratulations to our Day 4 winners who had the shortest times of the whole week:

Grand Prize $500 Winner: Marcus Capps with 14.1 seconds
Second Place JBL Speakers Winner: Watky Kho with 14.7 seconds
Third Place Mobile Charger Winner: Andy Young with 15.0 seconds

VMworld Day 4 Grand Prize Winner

VMworld Day 4 Second Place Prize Winner
VMworld Day 4 Second Place Prize Winner
Published in VMworld 2013
Wednesday, 28 August 2013 13:29

VMworld 2013 - Day 3 Winners

We have more Grab & Store Showdown winners! Congratulations to our Day 3 winners at VMworld Booth 528:

Grand Prize $500 Winner: Reid Gerber with 15.8 seconds
Second Place JBL Speakers Winner: Serge Zwikker with 15.9 seconds
Third Place Mobile Charger Winner: CJ Pacelli with 17.0 seconds

VMworld Day 3 Grand Prize Winner

VMworld Day 3 Second Place Prize Winner 

VMworld Day 3 Third Place Prize Winner 
Published in VMworld 2013
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 13:07

VMworld 2013 - Day 2 Winners

Congratulations to our Day 2 Grab & Store Showdown winners at VMworld! They proved they could move, store, and protect their way to victoy!

Grand Prize $500 Winner: Johnny Yang with 18.0 seconds
Second Place JBL Speakers Winner: Raymundo Cordero with 18.5 seconds
Third Place Mobile Charger Winner: David Warberg with 19.0 seconds

VMworld Day 2 Grand Prize Winner 

VMworld Day 2 Second Place Prize Winner

VMworld Day 2 Third Place Prize Winner
Published in VMworld 2013
Monday, 26 August 2013 13:16

VMworld 2013 - Day 1 Winners

Our Day 1 champions had the skills to finish our Grab & Store Showdown game in the shortest amount of time! Congratulations to our winners:

Grand Prize $500 Winner: Patrick Jiang with 18.7 seconds
Second Place JBL Speakers Winner: Travis Robertson with 18.8 seconds
Third Place Mobile Charger Winner: Justin Batton with 22.9 seconds

VMworld Day 1 Grand Prize Winner 

VMworld Day 1 Second Prize Winner

VMworld Day 1 Third Prize Winner
Published in VMworld 2013
Monday, 03 June 2013 14:26

IBM Edge Here We Come!

IBM Edge is right around the corner (June 10-14) and we’re extremely excited for it. This is our first time attending Edge and we have a lot to be enthusiastic about. We want to share our excitement with IBM Edge attendees, giving them the chance to win $500 in our booth game! And what would be more fitting than having a slot machine contest in Las Vegas. Stop by our booth #510 and pull the lever for your shot at winning a stack of cash. Players get one (1) entry per day, so make sure to come back each day of the show.

If for some reason you’re not interested in trying your luck on our slot machine (who couldn’t use an extra $500?!), we have lots of other reasons you’ll want to stop by our booth:

Deduplication Demos
We’ll be giving daily demos of our industry-leading deduplication technology. Check out our demo schedule on our IBM Edge community page for more information.

Meet FalconStor Experts
Experts like Chris Poelker, Falconstor VP of Enterprise Solutions and regular Computerworld blogger, and Paul Kruschwitz, FalconStor Director of Product Management, will be giving demos and answering questions in the booth. Speaking of Mr. Poelker, Chris will be giving three sessions at IBM Edge on optimizing IT:

        Leveraging Innovation in IT to Reduce Costs, Simplify Operations and Optimize Data Protection (Session ID: 1742)
        Mon Jun 10, 2013 at 2:00-3:00PM in Surf D
        Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 9:00-10:00AM in Surf D

        Five Steps to Optimizing IT Data Services (Session ID: 1743)
        Wed Jun 12, 2013 at 8:00-8:45AM in Breakers A

We look forward to seeing all of you IBM Edgers next week and hope you stop by to take advantage of everything happening in our booth. For up to the minute news on FalconStor at IBM Edge 2013, please follow us on twitter.
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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 14:49

The Power of Collective Intelligence

Last month, we conducted FalconStor’s annual sales kickoff meeting, an event in which we invest a considerable amount of time and resources at the beginning of each year.

Why do we take the time and money to gather all our sales professionals in one place for a week? In two words: collective intelligence.

One of our company’s key values is teamwork. The reason we believe in teamwork is the simple fact that the collective experience and knowledge of the group is far superior to the smartest human on the planet, let alone in the room. We gather to get smart. We gather to learn from each other and solve problems using a massively parallel system – our collective brainpower
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Dell customers are facing unprecedented data growth that is straining existing storage resources, and they need an efficient way to expand and upgrade legacy storage installations without disrupting operations. To address this challenge, Dell has entered into an agreement with FalconStor that allows Dell Services to employ FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) technology for a new data migration service. The new service will allow Dell to effectively transition customers from legacy EMC storage systems to the latest EqualLogic and Compellent storage arrays. The comprehensive data migration capabilities of FalconStor NSS will allow Dell’s Data Center Deployment team to provide a safe, effective, and flexible tool to virtualize and migrate data in any host environment and between any storage systems. 

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 00:16

FalconStor Embraces Change in the New Year

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.

After public speaking, most people list change as one their greatest fears. It is therefore natural to be a little apprehensive when your world is changing rapidly. Change, however, is the natural order of things. It is constant and perpetual. Those of us who embrace change, plan for it, move with it, ride it, and create it are the true masters of destiny. We at FalconStor are now in a position to become masters of our market as we recreate our company with a new vision, new products, new opportunities, and new leadership.

One of the best things about change is that it always provides an opportunity for people and organizations to change position. Our changing company provides an opportunity for our employees to step up into leadership roles and for FalconStor to move to the head of the market.
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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 05:46

IT Pro say’s FDS has the right stuff!

With data growing at unprecedented rates and IT budgets stuck at pre-2008 levels, deduplication is growing in popularity for companies of all sizes.  IT Pro recently reviewed the FalconStor FDS entry target appliance, the SA101 and found it has the right stuff “…performed exceptionally well in our lab tests showing it was capable of providing higher backup speeds and better deduplication ratios than much of the competition at this level of the market.” 

Published in Data Deduplication
Monday, 22 November 2010 21:00

The Cloud Means Business

I just spent an informative week traveling in Europe and speaking with analysts and journalists in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Munich. First of all, let me remind our EU friends that the outlook for cloud services in the U.S. is not as clear as we are leading you to believe; in fact it is, well, still a little cloudy. I received a number of comments around this subject, and the general view was that the U.S. was well on the way to implementing cloud solutions across the modern enterprise. The reality is we in the U.S. are still working to figure it out. 

Most of our conversations revolved around explaining our ideas about service-oriented data protection. I was excited to learn that the EU gets it. They understand that the first step to organizing IT and moving to a cloud-enabled architecture is to become service oriented. The idea is quite simple and can be organized as follows:

1.  Identify the key and discrete functions you must deliver through IT
2.  Determine which services are specific to your competitive advantage and which are fungible and can be delivered using best of breed
3.  Push the non-strategic functions into the cloud

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