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It was an exciting time for FalconStor at this year’s VMware Partner Exchange (PEX), as the show coincided with the release of the next edition of our RecoverTrac disaster recovery automation tool, which won Best of VMworld 2012 in the Business Continuity and Data Protection category last fall. Our booth at PEX was manned by a mix of the FalconStor sales and marketing teams headed up by our Channel Chief and VP of Sales and Marketing Gary Quinn. During the show, FalconStor was busy talking with partners about our data protection, storage virtualization, and deduplication technologies and how they interact with one of the key VMware topics: the virtualized data center. Many of the partners that stopped by our booth were very interested in how they could use our solutions (especially RecoverTrac technology) to provide disaster recovery services to their customer base.

The overwhelming response from visitors to our booth who stayed for a product demonstration was how quick and easy it is to test a recovery scenario and how much RecoverTrac technology knows about the production and disaster recovery environments. Partners also liked that the RecoverTrac tool can protect a physical machine and then recover it to a VMware environment. Many attendees asked how much a RecoverTrac license would cost them and were pleasantly surprised to find out that it is a standard feature, included with the purchase of FalconStor Continuous Data Protector and FalconStor Network Storage Server.

In addition to meeting new partners, FalconStor also had the opportunity to connect with VMware to discuss more ways we can work together. Stay tuned as FalconStor continues to gain momentum and redefine data protection, again!
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When we talk with customers and partners about why they chose FalconStor to backup and protect data in their VMware environments, their answers are strikingly similar: FalconStor offers the highest possible availability at a price point that is comfortable for large enterprises and small businesses alike.

Our partner, Managed Service Provider 3t Systems, works with companies that have as few as 20 end users and as many as 1,500. For all of those customers, 3t Systems relies on FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) and FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) in its two data centers where it hosts virtualized client infrastructures.

The most important thing for 3t Systems was providing a service in a very cost effective manner. They were able to get the features that they need at the right price, which allows them to continue to deliver on their promise of providing enterprise-class infrastructure at SMB prices.

Similar reasons were behind Rug Doctor’s decision to adopt FalconStor CDP six months after it deployed VMware. The manufacturer and renter of carpet cleaning solutions went almost completely virtual in its data center after outgrowing its backup window and suffering through restore times as long as 24 hours for a single file.

It wasn’t until they had a better understanding of how VMware worked and the possibility of better backup and DR solutions that they began looking around and found FalconStor. They ended up with a very easy implementation, up and running fully within two weeks.

We’ve seen a steady influx of business from VMware shops lately, and most of the inquiries cite similar issues. These enterprises and the MSPs that serve them want higher reliability, faster backups and restores, and seamless integration with existing technology.

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It’s been a while since my last post, and with summer officially over (I know most people think summer ends on Labor Day in the US, but the weathermen insist the official end is late September), it seems like a good time to look at a recent announcement. Among the flurry of press releases at the recent VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas, there was one in particular I’d like to discuss.