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As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, the way I think about things changed after business school.  Life was far simpler as an engineer.  I enjoyed and appreciated products for their technology with no consideration for financial implications.  I see an analogy between my current car situation and many of the customers I speak with on a regular basis, with regard to SANs.  Should you buy a new SAN or enhance and maintain your existing, paid for, SAN?

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So how solid is solid state? If we look at the rapid adoption rate of solid state in general, it is a clear indication that we are jumping to the “early adopter” phase of the Everett Rogers model. This has been accelerated by the massive adoption of solid-state technology primarily in personal devices, led by the iPhone that consumes about 30 percent of the world’s NAND flash supply, which will most likely keep prices stable despite the increase in technology adoption.