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New Video - Strand Associates Improves RTO with FalconStor CDP Featured

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FalconStor offers another look into the mind of its consumers with its latest customer success video. In this five minute interview, Strand Associates’ Justin Bell, network engineer, shares how FalconStor CDP technology allowed this large engineering firm to shrink its recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), ensuring data availability and business continuity.

Strand Associates, a multidisciplinary engineering firm, has offices throughout the Midwest United States. Its IT infrastructure consists of Microsoft Windows servers (2008 R2, 2008, and 2003) spread across nine office locations. Users in each of these offices need to access files on various servers from other offices at any given time.

Before implementing FalconStor technology, Strand was not meeting its RTO and RPO goals. While evaluating their situation, it was determined that RTO had to be under an hour for the company to meet its business objectives – something not feasible with their original tape backup infrastructure.  Additionally, data recovery complications often arouse since each office had a tape drive but not every location had an IT person on site to recover the data.

FalconStor CDP proved to be the answer to the problems and limitations that Strand Associates was facing. Not only did they shrink RPO to under a minute and bare metal recovery to 15-20 minutes, they were able to use FalconStor technology to strengthen their business practices.  Performing between 500-600 restores a year, Strand is able to recover files quickly (it often takes less than one minute) – saving their engineers valuable time. Strand Associates also consolidates its data to its Madison office location, making it easy to manage their entire tape infrastructure from one location during their weekly tape backups.

In the last segment of the video, Mr. Bell shares a powerful real-life example of how FalconStor CDP is essential in maintaining data availability during a natural disaster. Watch the video to learn how the company was able to eliminate user downtime during this emergency situation.

For more information on CDP, please visit our CDP product page.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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