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The Power of Collective Intelligence Featured

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Last month, we conducted FalconStor’s annual sales kickoff meeting, an event in which we invest a considerable amount of time and resources at the beginning of each year.

Why do we take the time and money to gather all our sales professionals in one place for a week? In two words: collective intelligence.

One of our company’s key values is teamwork. The reason we believe in teamwork is the simple fact that the collective experience and knowledge of the group is far superior to the smartest human on the planet, let alone in the room. We gather to get smart. We gather to learn from each other and solve problems using a massively parallel system – our collective brainpower

This year we included some important new input channels: our key partners and our customer advisory board. We all understand garbage in, garbage out; but what happens when you feed the hopper with insightful gems from industry leaders? You get diamonds, or at least a collection of precious stones.

We had an amazing exchange of ideas. We continued to propagate new processes and best practices. America learned from Europe, Asia learned from America, we all learned from Asia and we all left the meeting smarter and more energized. I believe we are a much tighter, more globally aware company as a result.

Was it fun? Yes. Was it grueling? Yes. We delivered nearly 100 hours of content to 140 professionals. That adds up to about seven man years of work. I believe now we are all better armed and prepared to educate and support our global customer base.

Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to the key sales and marketing people who put together such a positive event. Well done.

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