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 I love the data protection space. How many disciplines can be reduced down to two simple metrics? The metrics I speak of are recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). These two measures truly break the entire process down to its bare fundamentals: 

  • RPO refers to data at risk measured in time. For example, an RPO of 60 minutes indicates that you could lose up to an hour’s worth of data or all of the data generated in a 1-hour period. In more simple terms, the RPO is determined by how frequently the backup operation runs.
  • RTO is a target. It indicates how much downtime you are willing to suffer before a complete system recovery. An RTO of 180 minutes means you will need to wait 3 hours before you are up and running again.

While RPO is simply a function of how often backups or snapshots are performed, RTO is a much more complex measure. RTO must take into consideration not only the amount of data to be recovered but also the amount of time required to assemble it, move it, and restore it. This latter point is what separates good replication solutions from excellent replication solutions.

When designing version 7 (v7) of FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP), we had three key goals in mind: (1) continue to deliver the industry’s most impressive RTO and RPO numbers; (2) ensure that v7 is the highest quality, most reliable solution we have ever built; and (3) prepare a path to Bluestone and service-oriented data protection.

Here’s how we succeeded on all three fronts, making CDP something like a souped-up Time Machine for the enterprise: 

  • A lot more snapshots – If you want to improve RTO and RPO, it can only be done with a superior approach to snapshots. In v7 we now support up to 1,000 snapshots. Simply put, this means you can save a week of one-hour snaps (or 168 snaps), 51 weeks of daily snaps (357 snaps), and you still have 475 snaps remaining…per volume. No matter how you divide it up, v7 provides the industry’s most scalable and flexible snapshot technology. 
  • Insane capacity: 64 terabytes per volume – With quadruple the snapshots, it was only fitting also to provide a four-fold increase in capacity. And consider, you are not just storing up to 64 terabytes per volume, you are saving only the new data; there is no reason for dedupe, because we never create duplicates to begin with. 
  • Blazing performance – With increased capacity, it is always a challenge to keep up and even improve on performance. I am happy to say that our team did it. In fact our new multi-threaded architecture allows us to move encrypted data as quickly as clear data. With v7 you get all the security without any performance compromise.

 But FalconStor CDP is just part of the v7 story, which is no less than an ambitious update of our entire suite of data protection solutions. Taken as whole, the v7 suite offers IT managers a comprehensive set of solutions that can help optimize legacy backup systems, migrate to disk-based backup and DR, and guarantee fast recovery of essential systems and applications – all while laying the foundation for our next generation of products.

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