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FalconStor V7 Leads Industry in Deduplication Improvements Featured

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Over the past 18 months, the data protection industry has made significant advancements in deduplication, specifically in terms of performance improvement, scalability, business continuity, mixed environments, and end-to-end solutions. At FalconStor, we’ve been busy leading these efforts, specifically by building on the foundation of our industry-leading FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and its companion, FalconStor File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) to fuel our mission to deliver fast, efficient global deduplication for both block and file data. And we have succeeded with the availability of version 7 (v7) of the FalconStor data protection suite.

Our deduplication advancements over the past year and a half have come together to deliver FalconStor deduplication v7, leading the industry with an integrated solution that makes no change to a customer’s infrastructure, operations, or data protection solutions, yet leads the pace of the industry in:

Performance improvement: Innovative pre-parsing of data prior to deduplication improves performance by as much as 200 percent, resulting in sustained deduplication of more than 9.8 terabytes per hour across any data source or application – the fastest sustained deduplication rate in the industry.  By retaining pre-parsing of data within the purpose-built appliance, v7 provides the ultimate in flexibility, ensuring the fastest deduplication performance no matter what the application or data source.

Scalability: Improvements to the cluster node architecture increases performance while scaling to one petabyte of usable virtualized storage.  This provides for longer retention times, faster restores to meet stringent service level agreements (SLAs), and increased enterprise and data center data growth management.  FalconStor v7 provides scalability across a highly available, multi-node cluster that shares a single pool of virtualized storage, globally deduplicating multiple applications and data types. FalconStor provides true global duplication – data deduplication across multiple nodes without predefined node or controller designations.

Business continuity: FalconStor enhances its existing high availability (HA) failover architecture for block data by adding HA for file data protocols as well. Now, we ensure data access through data integrity checks, RAID protection, and HA across both block and file protocols. FalconStor is the only vendor to offer a highly available architecture for both block and file deduplication, ensuring data access through no single point of failure for any and all data. 

Mixed environments: Our advancements in the HA, cluster, and global deduplication repository provide capacity optimization for any data protection application, including: backup, archive, database dumps, tiered migration, and virtual server data no matter what the source;block or file; and open systems, NAS through NDMP, iSeries or mainframe.  By allowing all data sources to access a single scalable, HA deduplication repository, we reduce complexity, increase the efficiency of deduplication ratios, ensure data access, manage data growth, and contain costs.

End-to-end solutions:  The edge (ROBO) is typically the most vulnerable location in a corporate infrastructure – it tends to be unprotected or protected poorly.  By offering a shared edge-to-core architecture where low-cost file target appliances (physical or virtual machine software) can reside at the ROBO, providing deduplication, short-term retention for immediate recovery, and WAN-optimized replication to a central highly available, scalable, shared file/block repository, FalconStor deduplication solutions eliminate cost, improve business continuity, and eliminate tape transport.

It’s been a significant 18 months for deduplication, and FalconStor’s v7 deduplication capabilities speak for themselves.  The future promises even greater advances. Stay tuned.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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