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The CLOUD2 commision just announced the results of a few months of work performed by 71 individuals from academia, industry and government. This report and buyer’s guide, along with the first cloud directive from federal CIO Vivek Kundra, is already beginning to have an impact on the way government spends IT dollars. As seen in this article by Colleen Miller, Survey: Feds Making Progress on ‘Cloud First’, a survey done at the FOSE government technology conference, roughly 75 percent of respondents are already using the cloud in some fashion.

The cloud is not a panacea though, and more work needs to be done to reduce risk and relieve the concerns of IT managers, especially those in the government sector.

 A goal of the commission was to eliminate some of the road blocks to adoption of the cloud, so that the IT departments within government agencies could be more efficient in their mission. This would not only save tax dollars, but demonstrate to the world that the U.S. continues to be a technology leader and a force behind the new cloud paradigm. For once, the federal government is clearing the path to efficiency and simplification in how technology is used. The private sector should take notice, as the projected cost savings are great.

Rapid cloud adoption creates an opportunity for new high paying jobs within the private sector for cloud providers, and helps creates an opportunity within the public sector for those with the right skillsets. New jobs in technical training, data management and IT administration will be required to assure those skill gaps are filled.

My hope is that cloud adoption makes a positive impact on reducing the burden to taxpayers for running the government's IT operations, creates the opportunity for thousands of new high paying jobs and puts the U.S. in a position to be the leader in providing cloud resources to the resof the world.
Chris Poelker

Chris Poelker

Chris Poelker is Falconstor's Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and author of Storage Area Networks for Dummies.

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