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The right time, the right people to define data protection, again Featured

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Data levels are doubling every 18 months. This rapid increase should come as no surprise when nearly everything we do has a digital element associated with it. When we text, we contribute one of 173 billion text messages sent every year. When we buy something, there is a digital transaction; Walmart alone posts 1 million customer transactions per hour. When we check up on our friends, we are one of 600 million Facebook users browsing through 40 billion photos. Apple iTunes recently delivered its 10 billionth download. Amazon now sells 180 Kindle books for every 100 hard covers.

All of this data must live somewhere, and the challenges of storing, managing and protecting all of it is spurring new approaches and architectures. Today, all of us at FalconStor find ourselves in the right time, in the right place and among the right people to create those approaches and make the most of an unprecedented market opportunity.

Everything is changing. New architectures and larger amounts of data living on faster networks require a new way of thinking. Do the same old approaches for protecting data still apply? In a word, no. There is too much data, and there is too much demand. Meanwhile, tape backup software remains the go-to app for performing what are considered to be the essential data protection tasks: backup, archive, disaster recovery.

The acronym, BAD, pretty much sums up how tape performs – badly. Backup can no longer match the RTO and RPO of a snapshot or CDP approach. And we now have so much data to retain that what we really need is a better way to search it and a quicker way to retrieve it. In terms of recovery, people want the latest and greatest data to reappear in a flash of IT brilliance. Tape is simply not capable of performing this magic.

Customers, analysts and other industry influencers confirm that our approach to redefining data protection is leading the way forward. The solutions we’re creating and selling today will be the choice for all forms of data transport, life cycle management and storage. We will become part of larger, purpose-built systems. We will create the world’s first true storage ecosystem.

This is our company. This is our time.

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