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I was at the annual VMware Partner Exchange event last week in Orlando.  FalconStor is a technology partner for VMware as well as Microsoft (Hyper-V) and Xen hypervisors.  The opening keynote was given by VMware CEO Paul Maritz.  One of the key points that I remember was his goal of driving global virtual server deployments “north of 50 percent.”  Of course, the preference is for those virtual servers to be of the VMware vSphere brand.  What does that mean if you have a mixed physical and virtual server environment, or if you have non-vSphere hypervisors?



Every company and IT department makes decisions in the best interest of their particular business.  From an IT perspective, those decisions should either enable revenue or lower operating costs.  Those naturally selfish decisions may not always align with any single vendor’s physical server, hypervisor, storage or networking products.  Sometimes, a mixed IT environment results in lower costs and greater business capability, especially if those “mixed” products are in place and already paid for.  FalconStor solutions embrace the concept of heterogeneous environments; in fact, we believe customers can often reduce CapEx and OpEx using such a flexible approach.

So while it’s easy to fall under the spell of dominant IT vendors, step back a moment and recognize who’s vision and strategy they are, in fact, promoting – theirs, not yours!  Of course, FalconStor is in the data protection business to make a profit, which is our ultimate goal.  However, we extend significant engineering resources to maintain a heterogeneous architecture so you can make decisions more in line with your business model, existing equipment, budget and staff.

Last week we introduced another aspect of our heterogeneous data protection capability with the RecoverTrac tool for FalconStor CDP and NSS.  With RecoverTrac, FalconStor now enables customers to define and preserve their own data protection policies across their environment based on their unique business requirements in order to set service level expectations for customers, the direct source of their revenue and value.  RecoverTrac truly automates the recovery not only of data volumes but also of physical or virtual servers and their resident applications.  We remove the dependency, or constraint, for a particular hypervisor, network or SAN.  Application or service recovery, and the revenue enablement IT provides, is the functional goal and approach to FalconStor product development.

Getting back to my original point, don’t fall under the influence (even from FalconStor) of IT vendors telling you what’s best for your business or IT environment.  Your environment, your existing (and paid for) equipment, your staff and your business drivers determine what decisions or purchases are ultimately best for your company.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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