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In a previous blog, I argued that replication was not disaster recovery (DR). Go to any major SAN vendor’s website, search for DR and you’ll see their remote replication offerings. Whether it’s a two letter company or three letter company, we as an industry have for many years passively accepted remote copies of data volumes as DR. I argue that customers care about application availability, from a service availability perspective, and don’t care how those service levels are maintained. Try explaining to a frustrated customer, or an exacerbated CFO, that you have a DR solution represented by a remote copy of their data and that you’re sorry for their frustration or disruption of revenue.

FalconStor today effectively redefines DR as application and business recovery with our RecoverTrac tool. If you view the concept of real DR from an application or service perspective, you quickly realize its far more than the storage or remote copy functions currently offered by SAN vendors. Applications run on servers, physical or virtual, with complex configurations and dependencies (on other servers or services). Attempting to automate and control these aspects of real customer service delivery is above the capability, and accepted responsibility, of SAN vendors.

FalconStor delivers heterogeneous remote replication that allows customers to have different SANs at remote data centers; there are no homogenous SAN requirements. Additionally, FalconStor RecoverTrac goes above the “storage” layer into the server, hypervisor, cluster, configuration, dependency and networking layers – ensuring business applications are recovered and customer service levels are preserved. Grante,d this is an ambitious claim from a data protection company; however, this technology commitment is part of how FalconStor is truly “Defining Data Protection; Again.”

We’re all accustomed to empty rhetoric and unfulfilled promises from vendors. FalconStor today announces the availability of RecoverTrac as a standard function of our CDP and NSS products; there is no additional or extra charge for this revolutionary tool. This product strategy of not demanding an additional payment for this fundamental capability is part of our commitment to our customer base and proof that our business strategy is sincere and concrete.

Visit our website for more information on RecoverTrac, speak to a FalconStor representative or partner, or download a free 30-day trial of FalconStor CDP.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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