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Most storage vendors offer some type of volume copy functionality, either in-system or remote replication.  These copy functions are commonly promoted as business continuity (in-system copy) or disaster recovery ( remote replication).  Replication, or transporting data from one location to another, is analogous to household moving companies.  They transport your entire household, in many boxes, to your new house.  However, once all your household belongings are safely at your new home, you still have the complex and laborious task of unpacking and arranging things to make your new home functional.  Isn’t this effectively what remote data replication does?  Sure, all your data is safely at your remote data center, but now what?  Where's the 'Recovery' aspect of this paradigm?

To resume business operations, you still have the very complex task of building servers, installing operating systems and applications, configuring networking, assigning storage volumes and making sure things start properly and in the correct order so as to recover IT operations after a disaster.  I believe many of us, in the technology space, have passively accepted this paradigm (for some time now) because there was nothing else.  In fact, true disaster recovery is such a complex tasks that few vendors willingly touch it.  Rather, the safe strategy is to continue with the socially accepted position that remote replication is disaster recovery.  Customers are not that stupid!

My philosophy is that disaster recovery requires both remote replication and intelligent application/OS/server/networking/storage -aware automation.  It’s easy to see the very complex nature of this comprehensive task.  VMware offers a partial solution, vCenter Site Recovery Manager, but is limited in scope to only VMware virtual servers; and they delegate the complex replication tasks to storage partners.  There does exist stretch-cluster technology for automated failover of servers, applications and associated data volumes.  However, in this case the solution may be more complex than the problem, especially if this is implemented on every server in your environment.  Given these very relevant aspects of true disaster recovery, it is no surprise that few organizations actually have, or can afford, automated disaster recovery solutions.  At a minimum, they have the confidence to know they have a second copy of their data at a safe remote location.

Any visit to the FalconStor website clearly shows our corporate slogan at the top of the page “Defining Data Protection, Again.”  What does this mean exactly?  It means many things.  One of our company’s strategic commitments is to address the real issues our customers face in terms of data protection, but more importantly, doing business and driving their own revenue.  Part of this essential business requirement is real disaster recovery, not just empty replication rhetoric.  FalconStor delivers a real DR solution in our RecoverTrac tool.  This wizard-driven tool simplifies the definition of entire data centers and, combined with FalconStor heterogeneous remote replication, automates the recovery of those servers and applications at a remote data center.  The comprehensive nature of FalconStor RecoverTrac includes support for physical and virtual servers, any type of storage or networking, as well as the ability to convert physical servers into virtual servers (P2V).  The concept of recovery jobs and groups, simplifies management of recovery operations.  Additionally, RecoverTrac allows non-disruptive testing of recovery jobs, so as to ensure accuracy and confidence in business recovery operations before an actual failure occurs.  Data protection and recovery are common needs of all FalconStor customers; therefore, both heterogeneous remote replication and RecoverTrac are standard features of FalconStor Network Storage Server (NSS) and Continuous Data Protector (CDP).  FalconStor RecoverTrac is one of the many ways FalconStor is Defining Data Protection, Again.

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FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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