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Thin Provisioning is a fairly well known concept in the storage marketplace; provisioning a logical volume larger than the physical capacity actually accessible by the application or server (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_provisioning ).  Most storage array vendors offer thin provisioning on some or all their systems.  Many charge a premium for this feature as the gains in efficiency, CapEx and TCO are obvious.

However, for data protection purposes (mirrors, snapshots, and remote replica volumes) few give this technology consideration.  If your primary storage array does not have thin provisioning (or you did not pay for the feature), any underutilized capacity will be duplicated onto your data protection volumes.  This “duplication of waste” results in higher costs from a CapEx and OpEx perspective, resulting in questionable TCO of any data protection solution.



FalconStor has a different approach to storage and data protection.  Just like seatbelts and airbags are standard features on automobiles, thin provisioning is a standard feature of FalconStor Network Storage Server (NSS) and Continuous Data Protector (CDP) products.  Why charge customers for something they would naturally want and need?  Therefore, there is no additional cost for either thin provisioning or remote replication on these FalconStor solutions.  In fact, the default setting (when provisioning primary or protection volumes) is to use thin provisioning.  This eliminates wasted or stranded capacity and allows customers to buy only what they need today; future disk capacity can be easily populated and provisioned as needed.
When something makes so much sense from a feature or technology perspective – such as thin provisioning – why not simply include it in the product?“Defining Data Protection, Again” is not empty rhetoric at FalconStor, it’s how we operate from every level.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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