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I saw this television commercial recently, by CarMax, called ‘Doors’; http://www.carmax.com/enus/why-carmax-commercials/default.html
So what’s the relation to data protection?  Most storage hardware, and even backup software, vendors offer many different functions, or types, of data protection; disk mirror volumes, point-in-time snapshots, remote replication, application-specific protection and management tools.  Each of these functions is considered a ‘product’ and sold accordingly. 

I cannot fault anyone from trying to make a profit, but if the function is so basic that everyone needs it, why charge extra for it?  Thus the reference to the car commercial where a guy buys a car, but cannot afford the doors.  FalconStor is in the data protection business.  Our customers have a wide range of environments and data protection needs.  If so many of their needs are common, why not include those ‘common’ functions into our product.  FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) is a data protection solution.  Each of the above mentioned functions is included in the product.  There is no extra charge for any function, or extra charge for the number of servers (physical or virtual), and their data.  If FalconStor sold cars, we’d naturally include the doors.  This is how FalconStor is defining data protection; Again.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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