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Seeing is believing: How to restore an Exchange mailbox in three minutes Featured

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The most popular summer movies often feature massive disasters followed by totally happy endings. Sound like implausible plot lines? Not really, so long as the disaster involves data and not angry space aliens or mutant, beach-prowling piranhas.


 We’ve been reading a lot of discussions lately, on social media outlets, about the merits of various continuous data protection (CDP) solutions. In the spirit of summer, we thought a video might be in order to illustrate what CDP is capable of achieving. We don’t have a special-effects budget, and this film is not available in 3-D, but it does clearly show that a data disaster that wipes out your Microsoft Exchange mailbox database can end happily in a mere three minutes. CDP saves the world, gets the girl, and retrieves business-critical data that might otherwise have taken hours to locate – if it could have been found at all.

 Okay, CDP might not save the world or get the girl. But that last bit is impressive enough on its own, and you can view it here.

 For many small and medium businesses, this type of data protection is the happiest possible ending. After all, a company’s data – its e-mail, customer lists, financial transactions, and database information – is its business. Once-a-day backup to tape is not enough when you consider all the things that can go wrong: accidental deletions, viruses, natural or manmade disasters, mutant piranhas. Any of these examples (except that last one, probably) exposes the company to loss. And the right CDP solution rapidly and easily creates happy endings to these disasters every day.

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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