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Austin Powder Blows Up Vendor Lock-In for Data Protection and Virtualization Featured

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This week we announced a new FalconStor customer, Austin Powder of Texas, which has been helping companies around the world to blow stuff up since 1833.It has plants in three states and in Mexico as well as 65 stores in the U.S. and Canada, but Austin Powder's IT staff isn't large.The company relies on 10 IT professionals to support 1,000 users.That staff had big plans for virtualization and data protection, but it didn't have a big budget or a big appetite for replacing existing IT investments.Perhaps it's not surprising, then, that Austin Powder looked at nearly a dozen vendors pushing proprietary virtualization and data protection solutions and lit a fuse under them.


Instead of getting locked into prohibitively expensive options, Austin Powder selected our FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) to virtualize primary storage and for Microsoft Hyper-V support.Open architecture was a critical ingredient in Austin Powder's plans to gain a virtualized pool of storage for its virtual servers, improved data backup and recovery processes, and a foundation for a remote disaster recovery(DR) site to be built in the near future.The industrial explosives manufacturer now uses FalconStor NSS to improve storage efficiency and reduce costs with storage virtualization and application-aware data protection capabilities, including real-time, synchronous mirroring and volume snapshots.


Austin Powder uses two FalconStor NSS appliances for its primary storage area network (SAN) where it stores three terabytes of data from its 60 remote sites and three data centers.The company has plans to deploy the WAN-optimized remote replication capability when the new DR site is established.Today, Austin Powder's system provides backup and DR for every piece of data on the network, including files from Sybase and Microsoft SQL databases, several major applications including payroll and ERP, as well as all e-mails.

In the release, Chris Benco, network administrator at Austin Powder, discusses the measurement in the results of the deployment in terms of time: "We've significantly improved our data backup processes and can now recover an entire machine with applications up and running often within just minutes of beginning the process.We've reduced our server deployment time to less than an hour and also increased virtual server performance – we have created a true testing environment that allows us to clone virtual servers in minutes."

In Austin Powder's business, precision and material selection is directly related to product quality and safety.The company brought the same careful attitude toward its choice of data center virtualization and protection solutions, and succeeded in meeting all of its objectives for backup and recovery capabilities.We're looking forward to working with Chris further and thank him for taking the time to discuss his great FalconStor NSS deployment. Check out the case study we just posted: Austin Powder Deploys FalconStor NSS.

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