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CDP Makes Disaster Recovery More Affordable with WAN-Optimized Replication Featured

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As IT and business managers are well aware, data replication can quickly increase bandwidth and storage costs if you aren’t careful.  Wide area network (WAN) optimization can help you reduce the amount of bandwidth and storage capacity used by data replication, enabling cost savings while maintaining efficient application performance.

Remote replication can also improve the backup process and shrink the backup window to virtually nothing.  We see many organizations taking snapshots of their data, replicating it to a remote location and completing the backup-to-tape process from the remote site.  The primary site, and associated business applications, are effectively insulated from any backup process disruption – eliminating downtime, and the backup window.  


Similarly, remotely replicated data can be used for DR to provide data protection and high availability; information is protected from local corruptions and failures. Our customers count on replication to deliver the data protection required for corporate and regulatory compliance.

With data volumes growing significantly in remote and branch offices, replication provides another benefit.  Since most branch offices lack adequate IT staff and the skills to maintain and protect data, branch office data is often highly vulnerable to loss and corruption.  With remote replication, branch office data can be copied over the WAN to a central repository or headquarters data center, where IT can manage it according to corporate policies for security and protection.

To reduce costs, you’ll also need to minimize the amount of data sent over the WAN to avoid clogging data lines.  Many vendors ignore this problem.  With other products, changing even a single bit of data requires a cluster of kilobytes to be written over the wire – but the bulk of this is redundant data or white space.  As a result, when replicating changed data, these solutions will transfer more data than was actually changed. This wastes storage capacity, overburdens the network, and runs up unnecessary costs.

FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) transmits only actual changes at the disk-sector level and can work with any standard storage array and any data source. Compared to other conventional replication methods, CDP can yield bandwidth reductions of up to 90 percent.  This duplicate data reduction technology, called MicroScan, is a standard component of FalconStor CDP; there is no additional cost for this feature.

FalconStor’s software-based replication solution with WAN optimization enables IT managers to easily improve network performance, reduce contention for network bandwidth, and meet recovery-point and recovery-time objectives.  IT managers can complete backup, DR, maintenance, remote office consolidation, data center moves, and other replication tasks at minimal cost.


FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

FalconStor Marketing Team

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