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Continuous Data Protection Means Better Backup and Disaster Recovery Featured

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If your organization is still using tape backup, you have a relatively reliable and affordable data protection method – especially for long-term protection. However, as your data volumes grow and your dependence on data availability increases, the limitations of tape media will become severe.

Perhaps you are already struggling with this and considering the pros and cons of moving away from tape-based backup.


As part of your decision-making process, consider this: data recovery from tape is time-consuming and imprecise. Recovery points can exceed 24 hours, and, if you store tapes off site, it can take several days for retrieval and data restoration. The revenue and productivity lost during that period can be devastating. And if you use backup agents on application host servers, you’re consuming processing time and might be impacting the server itself enough to affect application performance.


Continuous data protection (CDP) better protects data, improves its recoverability, and reduces the required frequency of tape backups. Once you start comparing CDP to tape, you’ll find there are many resource-saving reasons to make the switch.  Among them are CDP’s ability to:

Unify local and remote data protection processes

Combine replication and backup to minimize data loss, speed recovery, and reduce the need for tape-based data protection

Eliminate hundreds of daily tape backups per year

Reduce or eliminate the usage of large physical tape libraries in the data center, which lowers overhead and frees up physical space

Provide significantly faster recovery times than tape – minutes rather than hours or days.

When you’re ready to take advantage of all CDP has to offer, look for an all-encompassing solution with these essential features:

The ability to integrate with your existing infrastructure

Centralized management and reporting to reduce management overhead

Compression and data reduction to minimize storage requirements

Backup acceleration through backup software integration to increase tape backup speed while offloading processing from application servers

WAN optimization to minimize network bandwidth requirements for replication

Application-aware snapshots for the fastest possible recovery with the highest levels of granularity

Do you have questions about what CDP can do for your organization?  Contact us or read case studies of how FalconStor CDP has helped companies in nearly every industry improve their data protection.

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FalconStor Marketing Team

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