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Change Can Be a Good Thing

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One of the nice things about the technology sector is that it’s never boring – there are always changes to make life interesting. This can be a new technique that provides a better solution to a problem, or a new, disruptive technology that requires us to re-evaluate our current processes.

Or it can be as simple as a change in the marketplace. When one of your competitors is acquired by a larger company, some people will see this as a problem. But it can also be an opportunity. Corporate acquisitions are by their very nature disruptive. The two companies not only have different products, but have different cultures and different ways of doing business. And whether one company tries to adopt the methods of the other, or both try to blend the two cultures, it will take time. And if the two companies have any overlapping products, it will also create confusion. There are dozens of stories of acquisitions that went well, and just as many that went poorly. But they all invariably include a lengthy transition period. And while that transition is going on, our company will continue to do business as we always have. We’ll continue to provide advanced data protection solutions that are completely open to the type of hardware and environment that best meets the customer’s needs. We’ll continue to work with our existing partners to deliver these solutions to customers, and we’ll welcome new partners who are looking for these types of open solutions. We won’t spend time explaining which product lines will continue and which ones won’t. And we won’t be reassuring customers and partners that it really is “business as usual." So change brings opportunity, at least to somebody. This is probably some ancient wisdom. Then again, it might come from the Ferengi on Deep Space Nine. I’m never quite sure.

John Lallier

John Lallier

John Lallier is Falconstor's Vice President of Technology

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